iPhone Developer CDE Humble Gaming to launch it’s magic tune with The Return of Pied Piper on ITunes

25 Oct


October 16th, 2009 – Hong Kong based CDE Humble Gaming Limited has announced the Halloween release of it’s new game ‘Return of Pied Piper’ available only for the iPhone/iPod Touch on the Apps Store.


Everyone is familiar with the tale of Pied Piper Of Hamelin. The fable where no sooner had Pied Piper rid Hamelin of an infestation of rats, than he was treated as an outcast and run out of town. He took his revenge by driving children out.

The game is an extended and more “evil” version of the well known fabled classic “Pied Piper”. The hypnotic maestro is brought to life in a vengeful take on the original version of the story. Having successfully rid the town of Hamelin of their rat infestation, the Pied Piper is left aggrieved.

The town folk’s refusal to compensate him for his services and their insistence that he be banished fuels his rage. CDE Humble Gaming gives you the Pipe and the Rage that goes with it. This Halloween the Pied Piper is back in Hamelin using his tunes to infest the town with rats and guide the children into the caves.



The attractive and stunning game play is complemented by the use of the popular ‘line drawing’ feature made popular by games such as Flight Control, Harbor Master and Lion’s Pride, which will allow you to guide the rats and children to their locations, whilst avoiding collisions.  Appealing to the masses, the idea is to combine line drawing techniques in an
immersing manner with original content using a reverse or extended storytelling of a famous tale for the Halloween season.


The first version of the game has a sinister skin with children dressed in their pumpkin costumes that really get you into the Halloween spirit. Play the game with the unique music score and sound effects or use your I tunes library while your fingers do the rest.

Current Game Features on Versions 1.0


  • Reverse of original Pied Piper story;- Sending RATS back to Hamelin,
    abducting children from town.
  • Normal Unlimited Game Play Mode.
  • iPhone 3.0 Featuring access to IPod Music Library.
  • Application size below 10MB to ensure mobile downloads.
  • Simple Fluid Drawing Line Controls similar to Flight Control & Lion’s Pride.
  • image

    More updates to come including varied skins, Mission Objective Modes, Multi Player, Peer-to-Peer and social integration using Open Feint.

You do not have to be a fan of the ‘fairy take genre’ to appreciate the unique content, graphics and game play challenge at the attractive price $0.99 cents.

Check out The Return of Pied Piper on iTunes for $0.99!

    About the Developers

    CDE Humble Gaming is a joint venture between CDE and Humble Gaming, both based out of Hong Kong. Their combined fusion promises the release of many more eye pleasing and challenging games.


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