Preview of Wheeler’s Treasure

26 Oct


Wheeler’s Treasure is a spectacular looking pirate world filled with
jungles, treasures, ghosts and more. Players follow the Cursed Wheel
of The Lost Pirate Captain Wheeler through endless randomly generated



Jump over pits, splash into hazards, fly down steep hills
and more. Sixteen unique items are scattered throughout the world to
collect, with each one bringing new abilities. Avoid dangerous
skeletons, bats and ghosts, dodge incoming cannonballs, and protect
treasure from cunning crows.


Players can compete online to unlock achievements using OpenFeint.
Uniquely integrated into the world, players will see tombstones
marking the final resting places of their friends. Overtaking a
tombstone means beating a score.

Earn money and distance achievements to unlock secret map pieces,
which let you reach new challenges and discover new items.
Wheeler’s Treasure is currently in review and will be available on the
App Store shortly.

Preview videos of the game in action:


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