ooPixel releases new iPhone game Samegame Gravitized on iTunes App Store

31 Oct


ooPixel has just (29th of October 2009) released a new iPhone game called Samegame Gravitized. It’s available on App store for $0.99 during the first week or two. The price will go up to $1.99 afterwards.


In Samegame Gravitized the goal is to remove groups of blocks of the same colour. The more you remove, the more points you will gain just like in all Samegame or Match three variations.

Samegame Gravitized includes three game modes, GRAVITIZED MODE, CLASSIC MODE and PUZZLE MODE! In GRAVITIZED mode you can rotate the device (slight rotate to left/right is enough) to change the gravity direction where the blocks fall to. You complete levels by removing enough blocks.



CLASSIC mode is like Gravitized mode but without rotation support. PUZZLE mode includes predefined levels for you to complete. The levels will definitely challenge even the more advanced players.

Game includes special rainbow and skull blocks! Skull blocks allow you to explode a group of blocks.  Rainbow block acts as a block of any color.
Complete different tasks to achieve awards! For example, explode 28 blocks with a single tap to get exploder award! Both Gravitized and Classic modes have high scores enabled. You can also easily share your scores  through Twitter or Facebook. You can also challenge your friends!

More information available at http://www.oopixel.com/iphone-games/samegame-gravitized/

Check out Samegame Gravitized on iTunes for $0.99!


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