Readdle’s Scanners Pro gets Evernote integration

7 Nov


Readdle has announced the release of Scanner Pro 1.1, a new version of the top paid business application that transforms Apple iPhone into portable scanner. Scanner Pro 1.1 introduces highly anticipated Evernote integration that lets people convert printed documents, receipts and even handwritten notes into searchable information accessible from the iPhone, PC/Mac or Web.

Scanner Pro processes a photo of a poorly lighted document, a snapshot of a business card at a wacky angle, or an off-kilter receipt into a straightened, cleaner version of its former self. Version 1.1 is capable to save these enhanced images directly to the Evernote accounts and allows Evernote recognition servers to convert these scans into searchable notes. Both free and premium Evernote users can use this integration.


To make integration more robust, Scanner Pro downloads information about tags and notebooks of the particular Evernote subscriber. Thus appropriate set of tags and notebook for upload can be chosen directly from Scanner Pro application.

“We are excited to discover new experience for iPhone users. Joint power of Scanner Pro and Evernote is so impressive that we can’t even count all possible usages for this bundle”, says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. “Capturing notes, business cards, gym schedules or even entire agreements combined with Evernote’s flexible tagging system allows you to collect and access any information you may need in your everyday life.”


At the same time Scanner Pro 1.1 implements several user suggested improvements like: stylish and intuitive user interface, image processing engine has been significantly improved as well. New version produces sharper and whiter images, features real time image adjustments and adds image export to iPhone photo library. The latter function allows usage of Scanner Pro together with popular iPhone fax applications.

Summary of New Features:

–  Evernote integration has expanded Scanner Pro features providing Evernote fun with the capability to save scanned pages directly at Evernote account.

–  Evernote recognition technology converts the text in the scans into searchable documents, that become available from Evernote application for the Mac, PC or iPhone.

–  Additionally implemented features allow assign titles, tags, and send scanned documents to the appropriate notebooks right from Scanner Pro application.

–  We have also improved Scanner Pro user interface, making it usage and intuitive and enhanced the application’s design.

–  New version produces sharper and whiter images, features real time image adjustments and adds image export to iPhone photo library.

Pricing and Availability:
Scanner Pro 1.1 is available on Apple App Store at $6.99 to the new customers and as a free upgrade for existing users. The application is compatible with iPhone OS 2.2.1 and later:

Check out my previous Scanner Pro review.

Check out Scanner Pro on iTunes now.


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