Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs Preview

16 Nov


For those people who have watched Ice Age series of movies, this game is no stranger to them. The main character you guide in this game is Scrat. He is a saber-toothed squirrel who is mad about acorns.



The game controls are pretty easy. You have to draw lines to guide Scrat where he wants to walk. Scrat can push or pull blocks. Basically, you need to tap on the block or boulder first. To push the block, you need to tap on the right arrow. To pull or grab the block, you just need to tap on the left arrow. Scrat can also float in tar bubbles. This is helpful in navigating him underwater.



Scrat can also stomp on the ground. I believe this is useful for breaking the ice beneath him when you use the action “stomp”. Scrat can also climb the walls but I wish he can jump. I hope the developer can add in the jump action for Scrat like double jump, triple jump etc. Currently, if he drop into a pit, he cannot get out. You have to cover up the pits with numerous blocks so that he can walk onto the pit.


There are also ladders in the game to aid Scrat from getting around the environment towards his acorns. You can pile up blocks in the game to make sure Scrat is at a taller height to reach to his food. If you played Toki Tori before, the controls are similar as it is developed by the same developer Two Tribes. As Scrat moves along in his journey to find his acorns, you will see some of his friends appearing as special appearances for a while. The landscapes also changes when you walk into different places.


The other thing I wish the developers can fix is the lack of game saves in the middle of a level. Currently, the game will save the game state only after you complete that level. But if you are in the middle of the level, it won’t save your progress and you have to start all over again.



However, the game play is interesting to me as it makes me think of every step I make and if there is a chance of recourse, what steps will I take? You can restart each level when you are stuck. That is pretty nice, considering some of us here are amateur puzzle solvers.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to iTunes and help Scrat avoid enemies, obstacles and reach out to his acorns! hehe

Check out Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs on iTunes for $4.99!


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