Return of the Pied Piper Game Review

16 Nov


For many of us who remember the classic story of Pied Piper who drove away the rats from the town with the music of his pipe, this game does ring a bell.



This game takes advantage of line drawing to implement the game play. If you played line drawing games like Harbor Master and Lion Pride, you can grasp this game well too. You have to draw lines to guide the colored rats to their respective colored holes and as well as to guide the children to their respective Hamelin caves.  When two of them – the rats and children are about to collide, warning signs like thunder symbols are exhibited on them to warn the players that they have to quickly divert the directions of the rats and children. The music also changes when they are about to collide with one another.



There are some things to note however in the game. You can meet up with the King Rat which will have a crown on his head. The King Rat will attract other rats like a magnet and as a group they move very slow. You have to beware of collision in this case when guiding them to their holes.

In the game’s help, you can find a legend chart which explains the combinations of penalty when there is collision. You have to watch out for ghosts, children and King Rats as well as the normal rats.


The game has beautiful music which I tremendously enjoyed throughout the game. One tip which I observed in this game is to observe the colored of the rat’s eyes. The colored eyes represent which hole I need to guide the rats to. The color of the kid’s pumpkin head also matches with the bridge of the Hamelin caves.

The game itself is a casual game with low learning curve. Anyone can pick up this game and start playing. There is only one game mode in this game. This game mode is normal.

Even though Halloween season is over, you can pick up this game for your kids for Christmas. I am sure they will like this game as a gift.

Graphics: 4.6/5
Sound/Music: 4.7 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 4.7 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out Return of the Pied Piper Game on iTunes for $0.99.


2 Responses to “Return of the Pied Piper Game Review”

  1. tteckchu November 19, 2009 at 3:28 am #

    The developer can consider putting in some nice villages scene to make the game more vibrant and interesting. Trees and fences can also put up to create obstacles while the rats are moving along the line. The pied piper story somehow associates with a river (i.e. that kills the rat), and it can also be conisdered as one of the features in the scene to allow the ONLY the King rat to make a “rat bridge” to cross over the river (short cut), but not for the others.


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