Tumble Jumble Released by ClickGamer!

16 Nov


Tumble Jumble is a colorful physics-based puzzler, with players employed by the Intergalactic Rodent Removal Company. Defy the laws of physics to rotate and drop a variety of block-shaped rodents into containers while avoiding lasers and dangerous enemy critters.


Further amazing physics-altering power-ups will keep you on your toes! Cut-scenes and stylish vector animations reveal Tumble Jumble’s madcap storyline throughout more than 60 challenging levels. At any time you can compare your achievements with fellow Tumble Jumblers via global online leaderboards and even brag of your accomplishments via Facebook.



Further recent news from Clickgamer: top-down dungeon crawler, Zombie Dash, released to Apple’s App store last week! Priced £0.59 / $0.99. In Zombie Dash, players must stay alive by avoiding and outwitting the zombies that they are running from. Trapped in a tomb infested with undead pursuers, players must search for treasure and the all important key to the next level.

Check out the game on iTunes for $0.99!


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