Increase Your Word Power with String ‘em In for iPhone and iPod Touch now available on iTunes App Store.

23 Nov

The digital television smash hit launches on iTunes today


Manchester 20 November 2009: You can’t find String ‘em In among the pages of your dictionary, but if you could it would be the definition of the ultimate word-puzzle game.

Based on the worldwide digital television hit of the same name, String ‘em In is what happens when you mix word games such as Scrabble and Boggle with the block-puzzler genre to create something incredibly addictive. Developed by Manchester-based game studio Connect2Media, the game is available on iTunes from today.

Watch as your iPhone’s screen springs to life, filling with brightly colored letter blocks. The more words you make out of the random letters, the higher you score! Facebook scoring connectivity lets you share your total with the world and challenge friends to do better. Go for broke and try to clear the entire screen before the timer runs out and use iTunes soundtrack compatibility to help you get into the zone.


With infinite randomly generated word grids and five difficulty settings to tackle, you will be playing String ‘em In for hours and hours. Available now on iTunes for $2.99/£1.79/€2.36 a world of word power awaits you with String ‘em In!

Key features:

-Simple to pick up but difficult to put down word game what has been a smash hit on interactive TV

-Open Feint connectivity features

-Infinite word grids generate at random mean you will be playing for hours

-Access to users’ iTunes library

-Facebook Connect integration

-Five different play modes; Gentle, Medium, Hard, Fiendish and Endless

-Power Plays, Swap Letters and Hot Word add to the drama!

Check out String ‘em in on iTunes for $2.99.

If you like to try the lite version before buying, click here.

About Connect2Media:


Connect2Media is a true 360 degree cross-platform games company. We wholly embrace the idea that consumers want access to quality games without the need for the complexity of device knowledge, platform requirements and specific regional formats.
Connect2Media acts as a developer and global publisher and distributor for digital entertainment for both B2B and B2C marketplaces. From big screen Interactive TV through to small screen mobile phones, Connect2Media’s content is available through many of the world’s biggest media providers.

About Two Way Media

Two Way Media is an interactive production company that creates and distributes cross media TV shows and games. We have delivered over 2000 hours of live shows to ITV and other broadcasters in the last two years. We create fun, skill-based games for IPTV, satellite and cable markets, including great interactive products for shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Deal or No Deal. We are a licensed gambling operator and run many unique and exciting gambling products. Two Way Media has launched a brand new website which is easy to navigate and re-emphasizes our core expertise in three key sectors: Games, Productions and Gaming.

Two Way Games produces casual games for the IPTV, cable and satellite markets. Our skill-based puzzle, word and brain training games have been combined with leading TV brands such as ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ and ‘Deal or No Deal’, to create a unique games package for the IPTV marketplace.  Through our partnership with Cartoon Network, we have created a package of over 20 children’s IPTV games based on their well-known brands. We have also created a raft of unique IPTV games for Baby TV’s brand new subscription games service that launches in the Autumn.

Two Way Productions is our dedicated format development and TV production unit. Boasting an award-winning team, we have produced 1,000s hours of TV programming for ITV, Sky Movies and Virgin Media Television, among others. We create innovative TV formats that embrace interactivity across multiple platforms: TV, internet, mobile, and social media.

Two Way Gaming is a major player in the interactive gaming market. Registered in Alderney, it offers a multi-platform gaming solutions and live TV shows to the broadcast TV industries. It recently launched a new TV gaming channel with Virgin Media called Challenge Jackpot which is broadcast and broadband to over 20 million homes in the UK

Two Way Media is majority-owned by investment company Ingenious Media Active Capital Limited. If you’d like to see more, please log on to


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