Seed Preview Screenshots and Gameplay video footage

27 Nov


SEED is in fact a “deluxe port” of an already existing mobile game. Take on a exciting journey on this breath-taking world, with each and every step will be fresh and memorable.


Game Features
– There are 4 different weapon types to choose from, and together with the intense skill system,
you will shape your character as openly as you can.
– 22 unique towns, and 150 different battle fields around the world are ready for you to conquer.
Take ‘Ship’, or ‘Air Balloon’ to make the travel easier.
– Day and night changes in real-time. Some quests can only be done in the night, and your battle
experience changes from the day to the night.
– Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire are 4 major elements that affects your combat.
– Character’s appearance changes not just by equipping different armor, but the weapon you carry
also changes the appearance. This will be visually pleasing, but you may feel more attached to
your unique characters, too.
– Collect Rare items, and Set items. After a while, you will feel your collection will be something that you can be proud of.


There is no sign of online multi-player game options from the game screen. I suppose they will add online playing features later on. This is usually the case for RPG games as they have plenty of graphics and game elements to work on for the developers themselves.

The game graphics are well down to the details. I can see nice drawings like trees and the shadings of the trees. The game has a wheel control for navigation on the left and the inventory and scrolls on the right hand side of the game screen.




As like the other RPG games on the market, you have to go on different quests to obtain weapons or items. There are 50 main quests plus 100 optional quests to complete. Thus, in total, there are 150 over unique quests for the player to complete in the game.







As for weapons, you can use socket creation, equipment fortify and compounding to bring items to the Blacksmith to create special weapons. This is similar to the Diablo RPG game on PC.


ScreenShot_34 ScreenShot_35


There are also different spells to use against different monsters.



There are different characters which you can choose in the game. I will think when you play with different characters, you get different special effects as shown in the below screenshots. Different characters will require the game to build up different skill sets as well as character attributes.




knight2 knight1






Hopefully, I can get a preview copy of this game to write more about the game to share with readers out there who are hardcore fans of RPG games. An adventure is waiting for me and I can hear the words of the adventure starts with “SEED”.

start Event


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