Chillingo’s Black Friday Sale for two more games!

28 Nov

The Guys at Chillingo are so awesome. They have added two more games to the Black Friday Sale list. Defender Chronicles  & Cocoto Kit for Kids are now @ $0.99!! Defender Chronicle has just been updated. I love this game and what they’re doing with it. New update features new maps, new enemies and new spells. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, you totally should grab this gem for your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Defender Chronicles – Legend of The Desert King now at 99 cents.



SALE!! Black Friday special 80% OFF. This offer is available only until Monday (11/30).
• New map: Elven Capital Siria
• New enemies: Ogre Magi & War Machine
•New boss: Ogre King Toerag
•New spell: Meteor Shower
•Improved shop system
•New Mythic and Demigod items
•New secrets at the Great Library
•Orc Bestiary now shows score points
•Updated OpenFeint to 2.3.1. It now has the option to Logout (to disable OpenFeint)
•Leaderboards for items will now show the abbreviated item names
•More OpenFeint leaderboards and achievements
•Option to disable auto-flip
•Option to disable extra animations (snow, fire torch, background animations)
•Faster fast forward
•Slightly harder Novice Helegom
•General & Melwen are back to leading the troops in Silverkeep after Legend
•Updated boss bestiary to include Siria
•Updated highscore screen to include icons of the newest monsters
•Revamped storyline
•Misc bug fixes

Check out the Defender Chronicles game on iTunes for $0.99

Cocoto Kit For Kids



Designed specifically for children 3 to 6 years old, “COCOTO kit for kids” offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun activities.
It is filled with fun and educational content comprised of flashy colors, funny graphics, and no text, Parents love watching their children explore the reassuring, friendly and educational activities and the six exciting mini games of the full version.
The application includes a hidden and a very useful parent’s interface for time limits, sound or music deactivation. Also a 3.0 feature allowing parents to visualize and send their friends their own kid’s statistics (most played games and best score for each game).
Developed by Neko Entertainment and Tetraedge Inc

Check out Cocoto kit for kids for $0.99!


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