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Rune Trails 1.0 Puzzle Game for iPhone Released!

30 Dec


Quadion releases Rune Trails, a fresh and entertaining brain teaser for the iPhone / iPod touch.

image image

Rune Trails is a challenging brain teaser that will just keep you coming back for more.

The goal of the game is really simple: stay alive!


Move the rune pieces around the board and create trails of five or more pieces to make them disappear. Every time you make a move, new pieces are added to the board. You’ll have to be clever and think of ways of removing the pieces faster than they appear. From time to time, special runes will help you clean a few more pieces. But don’t count too much on them! If the board fills up, you lose!

Game Feaures:

  • Intuitive and very easy to learn
  • Simple yet challenging gameplay
  • Special bonus runes
  • Public board to show your latest record to the word
  • Game in play is automatically saved
  • Extremely addictive and fun!

Rely on wits and strategy to stay alive as long as you can!

Check out Rune Trails on iTunes for $0.99!

About Quadion Touch

We provide top notch development services for Mac and iPhone.

Our team is made up of talented, highly professional developers who stop at nothing to deliver a superb service to our clients.

We are agile developers with a business value driven approach.

We take great pride in being one of the most cutting edge and creative software development companies in the world.

Try us out. Let us impress you with the results. Visit us at:

About Quadion

Quadion Technologies is an IT services company that specializes in software development.

Our multidisciplinary team operates from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it works for both local and overseas customers.

Our objective is to offer simple, agile and flexible solutions for companies needing to operate in a constantly evolving market.

We use the latest technology, tools and methodologies in the solutions we provide for our clients, helping them become more competitive each day. Visit us at:


Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone will offer a Ranger class with new updated features

30 Dec


With Com2uS releasing the most fully-featured RPG on the iPhone, Chronicles of Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone, the gaming giant is once again raising the bar by adding updates with brand new content. Com2uS’ previous success with Homerun Battle 3D has shown the power of what updates can do. With over 10 updates Homerun Battle 3D has been able to transform the game into something that truly gives the users “what they want”. Com2uS has maintained a successful business strategy of absorbing user input and implementing the most interesting ideas into the updates. This has allowed Homerun Battle 3D to stay in the top charts months after its release.



Com2uS’ most recent game, Inotia 2, delivers an extraordinarily immerse role-playing game with features that have taken the best of all existing RPGs and perfected them. Inotia 2 contains loads of content with over 200 quests, a party system that allows you to control 3 characters simultaneously, a look system that gives you a unique look to your character with each equipped gear, and 5 classes to choose from. The game has also done something that has never been seen before in the iPhone RPG world which is an online matchup mode. The matchup mode allows users to battle against ghost characters which determines your rank on the online ranking system.

The main features that make Inotia 2 better than the rest of the RPGs on the iPhone are the multiple classes combined with the party system. With a simple click of an icon, a user can switch from an axe-wielding knight to a powerful mage. This allows different players with the exact same game to have a completely different experience than each other. To expand on the 5 classes: knight, magician, priest, thief, and templar, Com2uS has announced that they are now developing a sixth class, a new Ranger class. The Ranger class has the ability to attack from the distance like a magician while dealing large amounts of damage like a thief. New designs for customized ranger equipment and weapons are also in the works. With the new Ranger class totaling 6 different class types and 3 members per party, a user will have 20 unique party combinations to choose from.


Along with the new Ranger class, Inotia 2 will be offering a variety of new items using Apple’s In-App Purchase system. From larger backpacks to stronger mercenaries, these special items will be available for users who want a little extra boost to their character. The new items and new Ranger update is expected to release early February 2010.

Inotia 2: A Wanderer of Luone is available on the AppStore. Check out the game here.

iPhone game BLOCKOBAN by the maker of Moonlights released with 1000 promo codes !!!

30 Dec


BLOCKOBAN is a game made by the creators of MoonLights which guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun. Casual players will love the Kickoff and Easy categories, Experts will love the Medium, Hard, Big Maps categories. BLOCKOBAN also provides 5 addictive Time Attack modes.




Main Game Features:

  • 5 categories, 920 levels
  • Easy to pick up, challenging to master
  • 7 animated tutorials
  • 5 time attack modes
  • Random map generator
  • Unlimited undo
  • Exclusive soundtrack
  • Level solutions
  • Save/Resume state (when quitting the game or answering a phone call)
  • Management of 6 local players (skin settings, scores, level progression, save/resume game)
  • Regular updates with new features and new levels
  • Skinable (3 skins)
  • Scroll and zoom with classic gestures of touch devices (sliding finger, pinch)
  • Local scores, online scores
  • Plus+ enabled
  • Free (try & buy)

The developers are feeling generous. They are giving away promo codes for the in-app purchase to upgrade the free version to the $1.99 version. Note, the promo code works when you install the game on the iTunes. After you delete the game from your iPhone, the full version is gone. So do complete the game before you delete it! It is a fun game – you will never regret downloading this game, I promise!

Download the free version on iTunes

and get the promo code located at this web site.

FDG Entertainment announces Action RPG “Across Age” (iPhone) preview screenshots and video

28 Dec


Good news for all iPhone owners who are fans of classic console RPGs. This winter, FDG Entertainment is going to release the first true console like Japanese Action RPG on the Apple AppStore. This game has been compared with Chrono Trigger and Zelda by the online communities.

Across Age is a co-production between mobile veteran FDG Entertainment (Parachute Panic, Bobby Carrot series) and the renowned Japanese developer Exe Create.



With over 15 hours of playtime, HD (iPhone/iPod optimized) graphics, exciting story, sweeping soundtrack/SFX and tons of diversified locations, monsters and riddles; Across Age delivers.




The player steps into the role of 2 switchable characters: swordsman Ales and magician Ceska, each with own fighting and special skills that are needed to solve tricky puzzles and successfully battle fierce monsters. This cooperative element is one of the key features of the game. Another key feature is the possibility to travel through time and revisit places, enabling exciting events and riddles.

Across Age Alpha Preview video:

About FDG Entertainment:


FDG Entertainment is a leading developer and publisher of highly creative download games for major platforms including the iPhone and casual game consoles. The company has been founded back in 2001 and is located in Munich, Germany. FDG Entertainment produced more than 40 critically acclaimed blockbuster games. The most recent success is Parachute Panic for the iPhone, having reached more than 1 million downloads

Parachute Panic surpasses 4 Million Downloads – New Parachute Panic 1.4 available, adds Doodler cameo appearance

28 Dec


Parachute Panic (iPhone/iPod touch) from FDG Entertainment was an instant hit game when it arrived on the App Store back in May 2009. It sold more than 100.000 copies within its first launch weeks and generated more than 4 million downloads until today (lite and paid copies combined).


The latest V1.4 Update of Parachute Panic adds a “Doodler” cameo appearance, the famous character from Lima Sky´s #1 blockbuster game “Doodle Jump”: In Level 3, 6 and 10 of Parachute Panic, the Doodler falls into the screen and players can generate lots of bonus points by rapidly tapping onto the cameo character.


“I have personally been a fan of Parachute Panic since it first came out and love the cameo.” said Igor Pusenjak, president and founder of Lima Sky. “The way I see it, when you miss a platform in Doodle Jump, you end up falling into someone else’s in-progress game of Parachute Panic. Very cool!”

Thomas Kern, Executive Producer of FDG Entertainment adds: “We love Doodle Jump and it was great fun to integrate the Doodler cameo into our game. Customer response to the update was thoroughly positive which shows once more that it is hard not to love the unique character design from Lima Sky’s Hit Game.”

FDG Entertainment is happy to report that the PP 1.4 update combined with a tremendously effective Doodle Jump in-app promotion; catapulted Parachute Panic back into the Top100 in several countries.

Check out Parachute Panic on iTunes App Store for 99 cents!

About Parachute Panic:
Parachute Panic is a casual game that requires you to successfully land a host of parachutists into passing boats. Players must beware of imminent dangers such as helicopter blades, U.F.O´s, sharks and thunder clouds.
The unique drawing style and addictive game play gathered a lot of interest from gamers all around the globe and quickly captured their hearts. Who could withstand such a simple to play yet hard to master minute killer, offering beautiful hand drawn graphics, smooth animations, catchy a-capella music and awesome sound effects in one inexpensive $0.99 app download.

About Doodle Jump:

In Doodle Jump, players control an adorable character on its springy journey up a sheet of graph paper. The goal is to get as high as possible, jumping from platform to platform without missing a landing. This seemingly simple task is made challenging by various obstacles that need to be avoided along the way.Apple has selected Doodle Jump for its “Best Games of 2009” shortlist. Gizmodo has featured it in its “This week in iPhone apps” column calling Doodle Jump “the most addicting iPhone game yet.” Touch Arcade designated Doodle Jump as “required reading,” and called it “possibly the best iPhone game ever created,” while Slide to Play writes that “Doodle Jump epitomizes the microgame ideal.” rated the game 4.5 mice and summed it up best: “Doodle Jump is a perfect micro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciously replayable.”

About FDG Entertainment:

FDG Entertainment is a leading developer and publisher of highly creative download games for major platforms including the iPhone and casual game consoles. The company was founded back in 2001 and is located in Munich, Germany. FDG Entertainment produced more than 40 critically acclaimed hit games. The most recent success is Parachute Panic for the iPhone, having generated more than 4 million downloads. Check out their web site for more of their games.

About Lima Sky:
Lima Sky is a New York-based studio dedicated to creating entertaining and educational, well designed iPhone games and apps, with a special focus on fun apps for kids.

Founded in July 2008 by Igor Pusenjak, a graduate and faculty at the MFA interactive design program at Parsons School of Design in New York, and Marko Pusenjak, a veteran mobile applications developer, Lima Sky has quickly established itself as one of the leading independent publishers for the iPhone platform. Seven of Lima Sky’s titles have been featured by Apple on the App Store and many are constantly in the top 25 of their categories, with Doodle Jump reaching the #1 Top Paid Game spot on the US App Store, and the #1 Top Paid App spot in the UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland, and Austria. AniMatch, another one of Lima Sky’s bestselling games, has reached the #1 spot in Kids’ Games category in the US, Germany and France. Check out his web site for more of his games.

Consume 1.2 which tracks your cell phone usage adds support for AT & T

28 Dec


Consume 1.2  to Apple which adds AT&T to the list of 45 providers in 6 countries has been submitted to the App Store.

A full list of the providers supported in version 1.1 can be found here A screen shot of the app at work can be found below.

You can read other people reviews about this app here.

Check out the app on iTunes for $1.99.

Christmas sale on Readdle iPhone applications announced

25 Dec


Readdle has announced Christmas sale on their most popular iPhone appications offering high discounts that will last until Monday, December 28th. The products on sale are Scanner Pro, application that transforms iPhone into portable scanner; document viewer, file manager and attachment saver ReaddeDocs and note taking application Take A Note.

Ranked as top paid business application in the US, UK and Italy App Stores in November, Scanner Pro now costs only $4.99. It lets people scan multipage documents into PDF files, send them by email, upload to MobileMe iDisk, Evernote and even Dropbox.

“Christmas is a special time to feel family warmth and love, to give presents to near ones. In this wonderful and magic time many people will get new iPhone or iPod Touch on a Christmas eve,” says Alexander Tyagulsky, Readdle CMO.“ This Christmas everyone who has an iPhone can benefit from the lowest prices we set on our products”

The highest discount is set on ReaddleDocs, application that allows people to transfer documents to their devices over USB, Wi-Fi and 3G in a number of ways, view them on the go, send by email and share with other iPhone users with ease. It’s special price is only $2.99. Other Readdle products on sale are Take A Note, BookReader, OneDisk and Flash Drive which are also priced at $2.99.

Featured Applications on sale:


Scanner Pro:


Take A Note:

Flash Drive:

Pricing and Availability:
All applications are available exclusively on the Apple App Store. Special pricing will last until Monday, December 28th.

About Readdle:
Founded in 2007, Readdle aims to provide iPhone and iPod Touch users with high quality applications that are missing in a standard application set. Flagship offerings are ReaddleDocs – a complete document and file management solution for the iPhone and iPod Touch; Take A Note – a versatile note taking application with direct access to notes from a PC or Mac computer using Wi-Fi. Copyright 2007-2009 Readdle. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.