Escape from Zombies Game Preview

8 Dec


This game is one of the latest offerings from Celestial Digital Entertainment Limited. This game is quite different from the previous CDE Games. The game features Tom who is a victim of a spoilt car parked just beside a graveyard. He have to find his way in the middle of the graveyard back to his home. Can you help him?

The mazes in this game cannot help but remind me of a similar game called Darkest Fear. But Darkest Fear focuses on mystery and things to find in the game. Escape from Zombies focuses on plain survival. You have to watch your step in guiding Tom on his way to the exit door. Basic survival items he has on hand is a map and an oil lamp. The fuel in the oil lamp will run out so you have to top-up the oil or your oil lamp will be extinguished. The map that Tom has on his hand is being picked up from some place in the graveyard.




Basically, once you step on the wrong squares, you will be attacked by the zombie that is buried under the square. There are a few warning signs that Tom is standing on top of a buried zombie.


First of all, you have to watch out for the sound of the heartbeat and the oil lamp flashes. The heartbeat sound will increase and the frequency of the oil lamp flashes will rise if you are near a zombie. The other indicator is the numeric counter at the bottom left hand corner of the game screen with a multiplier sign. This indicator will change when Tom steps on more zombies.
Depending on the move you guide Tom, this multiplier can increase or decrease  Make the wrong moves and Tom dies!



The other notable features of this game are the presence of online statistics and the music shuffle options. You can submit your best timings for each level online to see how well you fare against the other online players. You also can turn off the game’s sounds when you are listening to your iPod’s music. You can  even turn on shuffle so that the music will be shuffling when you listen.

It is certainly a great game with 50 beautiful crafted levels for the casual gamer on the bus or on the way to work. I got ripped by the zombies for a couple of times so I need to get back to my game now.

To see other CDE game titles, check out this link. You can also click this same link to see whether Escape from Zombies is out on iTunes!


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