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B-BOY BEATS – FULL DETAILS REVEALED with Underground Hip Hop soundtrack, innovative game-play and heaps of attitude…

30 Jan

DUNDEE, UK – 29th January 2010

BBoy Beats Large


Scottish iPhone publisher and developer Tag Games is today pleased to announce full details of its upcoming hip hop rhythm action game B-Boy Beats. Developed in partnership with Mobile Pie, a hugely talented studio based in the UK’s hip hop heartland of Bristol. B-Boy Beats aims to reinvent the stale rhythm action genre made popular on iPhone by titles such as Tap Tap and Rock Band.



Are you ready to party? B-Boy Beats is a unique, all action, hip hop rhythm game set in 1980’s New York City. As the lead member of a new break-dance crew looking to gain respect, you’ll need to learn the latest moves and battle other crews to claim new turf across various city locations.



Place your fingers on the screen and get ready to move! Simply tapping isn’t enough to succeed in B-Boy Beats. Players must hold their fingers on the screen – giving the feel of virtual legs moving across a virtual dance floor!!



Learn the latest dance moves in the fully interactive tutorial before heading out onto the city streets. There are 10 break-dance moves to learn with each one requiring ever greater skill, timing and confidence to pull off. You knew the city was a dangerous place when you left the safety of the suburbs but are you ready to be tested to the limit? There are 7 hardcore crews each breaking on their home turf to take on and ultimately beat down in your quest to be the best in the city.

Underground Hip Hop ft MC Frontalot

B-Boy Beats features 17 dope tracks from the rising stars of underground Hip Hop. Led by Nerdcore and Penny Arcade favourite MC Frontalot the game also includes awesome tracks from Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek.


Game Features

  • The most original music game on iPhone today
  • Face off against 7 NYC crews each with their own turf
  • Awesome music talent from the hip hop underground
  • Rhythm action game-play where your fingers become legs!
  • 10 authentic break-dance moves to learn
  • Easy and Hard difficulty levels for extra replay value
  • Open Feint social network integration

Due for release February 14th 2010 B-Boy Beats promises to make a mockery of other weak wristed iPhone music games. Aiming to own the streets (and of course the App Store) the game will launch at the £1.79/$2.99/€2.39 price point.

Check out the game play video:

About Tag Games


Tag Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Dundee, Scotland, which has quickly established itself as a leader in the creation of games for mobile and digital download platforms. We have earned critical acclaim and commercial success with a number of varied titles including our recent top 10 iPhone hit Car Jack Streets. We have extensive experience of game development for the most important mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, PSP minis, DSi, Blackberry, J2ME and BREW.

Tag’s reputation for flexibility, innovation and delivery is second to none, successfully balancing the creation of original IP alongside development of licensed and commission titles. Tag Games partners include Endemol, Connect2Media, I-play, Big Fish Games, GlobalFun, Tern TV and Sandlot Games.

About Mobile Pie


Mobile Pie is a developer of imaginative entertainment for mobile platforms. Based in the heart of Bristol, the studio has received such notable accolades as Channel 4’s New Mobile Game Developer of the Year and received the Media Innovation Awards’ Trophy 2008.

Mobile Pie has led cutting edge research in games and mobile technologies and have worked with such prestigious clients as Hewlett-Packard and the BBC, putting us ahead of the pack in terms of technology and expertise.

With focus now shifting towards our own original IP Bristol Media identified us as “Ones to Watch” for 2009 whilst Chinwag told the world our “award winning content has mouths watering all over and people coming back for more.”

We are set to continue our growth in to the coming years and beyond with Mobile Pie becoming synonymous in the gaming public’s mind with high quality titles for mobile platforms


Vampire Origins coming to iPhone soon

30 Jan

IceEngine 2010-017

Vampire Origins is a hot new 3D shooter, an isometric adventure title coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

IceEngine 2010-015

IceEngine 2010-020

The game pits Dracula’s arch-rival Van Helsing against legions of underworld creatures. If you fancy Gothic adventures paired with intense fighting, Vampire Origins will boil the blood in your veins.

IceEngine 2010-013

IceEngine 2010-018

IceEngine 2010-016

IceEngine 2010-012

If you’ve ever played Diablo, you’ll feel right at home with Vampire Origins. A simple battle system ditches complex inventory and weaponry in favor of a point-and-click approach of attacking creatures by tapping them. It may sound boring on paper, but the fast-paced action balances things out. Fast, very agile enemies leave you little time to ponder your next move or marvel Gothic architecture. Although Vampire Origins is an adventure, with some puzzles and lots of exploration, action and killing enemies come before everything else.

Check out the preview video that demonstrates the game play:

Escape: Norm’s World available soon for the BlackBerry and iPhone/iTouch!

30 Jan

January 27, 2010


IUGO brings you a little ESCAPE! ESCAPE: Norm’s World lets you zone out on limitless Zen puzzles. Jump Norm from stone to stone to eliminate all and solve the puzzle.

ESCAPE: Norm’s World features:
•Endless levels and game play
•3 difficulty levels for replayability
•Simple controls for all ages
•Minimalist graphics for maximum appeal
•Unique cerebral game play complimented by relaxing audio and visual effects
•Surprisingly addictive!

This game is due to be released soon for iPhone and Blackberry. Watch for it coming to you in your nearby iTunes App Store!

IUGO Serves Up Some Alien Butt with Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet.

30 Jan



January 29, 2010

Vancouver, BC- IUGO’s latest adventure on the iPhone, Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet, offers over-the-top alien slaying. Check out the description, screens and link to video below:






Daisy Mae’s peaceful, simple life in her little desert trailer park will never be the same. A full scale alien attack on earth has begun and Daisy becomes the unlikely heroine outta nowhere. Take hold of the steering wheel and help Daisy Mae shoot and blast her way to victory in this fun and quirky dual stick shooter. Aliens: you have been served!

Game Features:

✓ More aliens than you can shake a stick at!

✓  The baddest selection of weapons known to folks ‘round these here parts

✓  Purty graphics and fancy sounds effects

✓  Sassy costumes to unlock for Daisy Mae’s alien hoedown

✓  Daisy Mae “taunt” moves to stun the aliens silly

✓  Control options to suit every varmint’s needs

✓  VIP points to be earned towards an additional costume

✓ Global leaderboards

✓ Auto save

The video illustrates the auto-aim/auto-shoot control option. Dual stick and button shoot (auto-aim) controls are also available to users.

Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet is due for release in February of this year for the iPhone. Hopefully, you can get this game for your girlfriend just in time for Valentine’s day.

Chillingo¹s Award-Winning Puzzle Game, Cogs, Now Available for iPhone and iPod touch

30 Jan

Developed by Lazy 8 Studios, Cogs is an award-winning puzzle game which is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch!
Cogs players build increasingly complex machines using sliding tiles in 2D and 3D environments. Multiple game play modes and difficulty levels are available. New puzzles are unlocked by building contraptions against the clock with as few moves as possible. This visually stunning and fantastic sounding game is perfect for puzzle fans of any age and ability!








Available Game Modes
–     Inventor Mode
–      Starting with simple puzzles, players are introduced to the widgets that are used to build machines — gears, pipes, balloons, chimes, hammers, wheels, props, and more.
–       Time Challenge Mode
–   If you finish a puzzle in Inventor Mode, it will be unlocked here. This time, it will take fewer moves to reach a solution, but you only have 30 seconds to find it.
–       Move Challenge Mode
–  Take your time and plan ahead. Every click counts when you only get ten moves to find a solution.
–       Download Your Choice of Extra Puzzles
–  Additional Cogs Puzzle Packs are available to buy from within the game. Each one offers 10 ingenious new puzzles with challenging objectives to achieve!

Find out more about this groundbreaking puzzle game now at

Check out COGS on iTunes now!

Project 72 – The fastest iPhone game ever built?

26 Jan


On January 5th, 4 boys in Venice Beach setup a Web-site where they intended to document and stream live video of the process of building a successful iPhone game in only 72 hours, from scratch.

72 hours later, their game was finished. Today, on January 25, 2010, the game was finally approved and released on the iTunes App Store.


“It has been the most fun iPhone project so far and we encourage all indie developers to take this rapid development approach. It makes everything really exciting and forces you to stick to schedule. Just remember to try and set realistic deadlines.” says Rasmus Hansson of Dogtown Studios



What started as a personal challenge for the boys in their office-garage in Venice Beach is now growing into a popular trend, where iPhone developers all over are racing against time to create the best game possible within the shortest amount of time. Super Ramen Brothers and Uranus Attack are two examples.

What were the toughest challenges you were facing during Project 72?

“Because we have previously developed 4 games for the iPhone, our processes are streamlined and we use many helpful tools.  The most challenging task for us was to plan and how to actually make something really fun within the limited amount of time and resources we’ve had. There were no time slots open for execution failure so we’ve had to get everything right the first time.”

At the end of their challenge, the number of followers on their Web-site had grown to over 5000 people, interesting in the progress and results.

What type of work did you perform over the 72 hours?

“We worked day and night to finish everything from the game concept, code, graphic design, music, sound effects, testing and bug fixing so we could have the game ready on the deadline, Friday January 8 at 10.00PM PST.” says Mikael Tyrsen of Dogtown Studios

Now that the game is released, what are the next steps?

“To celebrate the launch of Project 72, we are announcing a high-score contest where 10 players can win up to $1,000 plus a custom made Project 72 T-Shirt. Check our Facebook Fan page at

this afternoon for details.” Says Carl Morck of Dogtown Studios

What is the game all about? Get it now at the App Store for only 99 cents.


Game Trailer :




“It’s beautiful looking, and a damn impressive…”

“Project 72 Races Against Time!”

About Dogtown Studios

Dogtown Studios is an independent game studio in the heart of Venice Beach, California. Established in 2010, Dogtown Studios focus is to produce and publish unique video games for multiple platforms.

About the Developers


Rasmus Hansson aka s1ckdog, born in Stockholm Sweden 1975, and moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to make som .com money 🙂 But then it crashed :(. Together with his business partner Mikael Tyrsen, they started an advertising agency, Moyo Studios in 2007 where they have a strong focus on building web and mobile apps for their clients. They also enjoy their own projects like this one as much as they can. Rasmus loves electronic music, music production, djing, snowboarding and all types of beach activities. Rasmus currently lives in Venice Beach, CA, and works out of his garage.


Mikael Tyrsen aka kickR, born in Stockholm Sweden 1983, and moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to design movie posters. In 2007 he joined forces with Rasmus Hansson to start this great company that later on would be called Moyo Studios. Besides work Mikael doing some music production for fun, brainstorm and hang out with family and friends. Mikael is a nerd that loves new inventions and is always updated with the latest equipment. Mikael currently lives in Venice Beach, CA.

Calle Mörck aka Torpedo, born in Gothenburg Sweden 1972, moved to the US in 1996 and has been a Venice Beach local since 1998. He first came to complete of his studies in Finance and Marketing but then got stuck in the land of great waves and sunshine. Calle joined forces with Rasmus and Mikael last year and together they started Dogtown Studios, a game division to Moyo Studios.

Project 72 will be the 4th game released by the Studios.
Calle is an avid surfer, he plays hockey and loves snowboarding. Video games has always been a big part in his life and for the first time ever he really loves what he is doing for a living.


Ivan Isaev aka IvanDev, was assembled from spare parts of computers in the heart of Siberia – Tobolsk 1987. After a few years of development for mobile platforms and PC, he switched to Mac and joined forces with Rasmus, Mikael and Calle last year and together they started Dogtown Studios.

I-play Brings the Hit PC Game Paradise Quest to the iPhone

26 Jan


I-play Brings the Hit PC Game Paradise Quest to the iPhone™ and iPod® Touch with Connected Social Features and Micro-Transaction Capabilities


Along with Revolutionary Gameplay Mechanics this Match-3 Puzzle Adventure Offers a Multi-Platform Gaming Experience

NEW YORK, LONDON – January 26 – I-play, Oberon Media’s publishing division and the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher, today launched one of its most successful online games – Paradise Quest – for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. After captivating more than 5 million online gamers, Paradise Quest will now use social features, in-game micro-transactions and all of the innovative controls of the iPhone and iPod touch, to bring an amazingly original gaming experience to the platform.


Paradise Quest brings gamers deep within the Galapagos archipelago where they will embark on a wild puzzle adventure to restore the majestic island of Isabela to its former beauty. Through smooth touch screen controls, players drag and swap objects to make matches on the moving board and unleash powerful forces of nature such as earthquakes and tornadoes. Adding a revolutionary twist to the ever-popular Match-3 puzzle game, all matches in Paradise Quest directly affect the player’s navigation across the board.






Fans of Paradise Quest can now share their experience with their friends. Players can post game achievements and challenge their friends through Facebook Connect. With Multiplayer modes, players will be able compete against their friends in head-to-head challenges or unite forces in Co-Op mode, using WiFi or Bluetooth communications*.


As an exclusive to the iPhone and iPod touch versions, players who want to continue to explore Isabela will also be able to unlock the Paradise Nights bonus pack, which offers 20 new levels as part of an in-game micro-transaction purchase.  Players will also find a coupon code in the game, granting them a special discount on the PC version of Paradise Quest and driving even more fans to this best-selling franchise across multiple platforms.




“I-play sought not only to create a captivating game, but also one that connects across platforms and to a player’s social graph,” said Ofer Leidner, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Oberon Media.  “We are very excited to create these type of cross-platform gaming experiences that successfully leverage social and micro-transaction features.”




Paradise Quest is available now on the iPhone and iPod touch for $2.99.

To purchase, please visit:

To download the Lite version, please go to

Check out the trailer for Paradise Quest here:

To enter the Paradise Quest Sweepstakes for a chance to win an iPod touch or free copies of Paradise Quest games for iPhone and PC, please visit:

To get updates about I-play Games, become a fan on Facebook

( and follow us on Twitter


*Multiplayer modes will be available in February, in a free update to the game

About I-play


I-play, the publishing division of Oberon Media, Inc., is the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher. With powerful franchises and massive distribution across the three most popular entertainment screens — online, mobile, and interactive television — I-play content reaches global consumers, and delivers fun, entertaining, accessible content to casual gamers of all ages. I-play’s PC publishing division, formerly Oberon Games, is based in Seattle and created the hit Dream Day Series, as well as the first casual games for bestselling author James Patterson and legendary mystery author Agatha Christie, including the Causal Connect 2008 Game of the Year, Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile. I-play’s mobile division has delivered some of the biggest selling franchises in the mobile space, including the world’s #1 best-selling racing franchise, The Fast and the Furious, based on the blockbuster movies. I-play’s interactive television group, formerly PixelPlay, creates and distributes games featuring top brands including Centipede(TM), Missile Command(R), Asteroids(TM), Monopoly(R), Scrabble(R), Boggle(R), and Yahtzee(TM). I-play is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Seattle, San Mateo, London, and Dunfermline, Scotland.

About Oberon Media

Oberon Media, the world’s leading multi-platform casual games company, is the first company to deliver global, integrated casual games solutions across three platforms-online, mobile and interactive television and at retail. Oberon game solutions have been adopted by the world’s leading digital and media companies, such as Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Orange France and NHN. The Game Center combines casual game content, merchandizing and features to fulfill our partners’ specific needs. Oberon Media’s game publishing division, I-play, works with the industry’s best and award-winning game developers to produce the top-selling casual games, which are played across online, mobile, console and iTV platforms in more than a dozen languages. Founded in 2003, Oberon Media is headquartered in New York with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and is backed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Oak Investment Partners.