Trenches goes on 99 cents sale to celebrate the new year 2010!

1 Jan


Trenches takes on a variety of gameplay elements and is essentially an attrition warfare game with resource management, strategic deployment of troops, and line-drawing elements for movement of troops across the battlefield. The game features an original “reactive musical score” meaning that the in-game battle music changes depending on your “position” or how well you are doing.
For example, if you are losing, the music turns dramatic and panicked. If you are winning, the music turns epic and victorious. Trenches also features a cast of fully integrated and professional voice acting for both the
British and German Troops.






Developed by the same engineering team that created the #1 Original Smash Hit, Tap Defense. The art and design was done by Michael Heald of ,who is a phenomenal artist.

In-Game Features:
*  A campaign mode which takes you on the journey of the
Great War and to finally see how the war to end all wars
ends….Because no one knows, right?:)

* Skirmish mode that allows the player to choose their own
game setup, including which troops or bombardment abilities
they have available or even the amount of trenches
and barbwire on the field.

* Intelligent A.I. system that allows the units on the
Battlefield to choose the best target to engage.

* A secret unlockable game mode that is better than many
full games.

* OpenFeint Integration for leaderboards and achievements.

View the Teaser Trailer:

Check out Trenches on iTunes for $0.99 for limited time only!

About the Developers:

Thunder Game Works was founded in 2009 by a group
of experienced iPhone development professionals with
a focus on bringing premium quality games to the AppStore.
You can view the Thunder Game Works website at
Follow them on twitter (@thundergamewrks) to receive new information about Trenches and future projects


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