Arachnadoodle Game Review

5 Jan


Arachnadoodle is a game where you play as a small kiddo spider named as Boris. You have to fire him up the points shown on the screen and connect the pins together to spin a web.



On the web itself are some miniature flies which Boris can eat to obtain a better score for you. Purple flies will get you bonus points while blue flies can give you extra chances to throw Boris to spin the web. This web will be used to trap the bigger flies later on.



The game is kind of cute. It has a kid’s shouting “yeah” when you complete the spinning of the web. After that, you will hear the terrifying sound of the flies attack towards the web. Some of the flies – green colored ones are weak to fall into the web while others – the purple, more stronger ones may even fly through your web. On your top left hand corner of the screen, there is a web indicator which shows how much more points you need to connect to complete the web.



Depending on the strength of your web, you will be able to capture more flies than your usual tries.


This game also encourages the gamer in the sense that it shows you closer view on how Boris complete the last move of spinning the web. This gives the gamer a sense of satisfaction towards playing of the game.


There are over 32 rooms or levels to play with. In the game itself, there are eight houses to explore spinning your newest web creations. Each of the levels are fill with fun and challenge.

I strongly recommend this game because of the replay value within the game. The game does not stress the player to complete the game but rather make the player focus on the process of spinning the web to trap more flies to obtain a better score. Yes, you can post your scores online in the Open Feint network so you can brag about your scores to your friends or colleagues.

Graphics: 4/5
Sound/Music: 4.5/5
Fun: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 4.5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 /5

Be sure to check out this nice cute little game brought to you by Connect2Media for $0.99.


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