Be Free or Die (Zombies 3D fps) Game Review

9 Jan


If you want to have a zombie killing game, Be free or Die game fits the bill. The zombies are really made life-like 3D when they come closer to you.




However, the weapons given in this game are pretty much limited in the first level. Normally, in such shooter games, you can use an Axe or Knife to hack the enemies but in this game, you only have a rifle with bullets as your only weapon. If you go to the main menu and rate the game, you will gain an extra weapon which is the bazooka – considered as the most powerful weapon in the game. However, you cannot blow things up with this bazooka. When you shoot vacant police car, the car will not explode. It will be better if the car will explode when I shot it with my bazooka which will give it a more realistic feeling. There is no weapon store in this game which is a good-to-have feature which most gamers will like.


When I start playing this game, the game screen will prompt me the objectives of the first level is to kill at least 10 zombies and I had to destroy the devil. It will be good if there is a picture of the devil in the mission briefing screen so that I know who to look for in that game level, else I will be wandering to find the devil and wasting my time in the level.



While wandering around the level, I found the game level to be pretty dark so much so that I cannot see the enemies in the level. The developer can add a button that help to increase the lightning effects of the surroundings so that I can find my way around or else I will be killed by a zombie before I know it.


If you are attacked by a zombie, your screen will turn red and you will find it hard to reverse backwards to avoid the zombie because the arrow key for downwards needs to be hold and press downwards to achieve that. A miniature map like the one above can be displayed on the top right hand corner of the game screen to let the user know where are the traps (shown in red) like holes and where to walk safely (shown in green). Currently, if I fall into the drain, I will be instantly killed in the game without knowing it is a trap. A map can also be useful so I know my location relative to the target monster I am looking for.

The game controls can be further enhanced by using Tilt controls. For example, in the game, I cannot see what lies left or right of me. I can only walk straight. It will be good if I tilt my iPhone right, I can see what is on my right hand side and if I tilt left, I can see what is on my left hand side. For reverse backwards, I just need to flip my iPhone backwards. To move forward, I just need to flip my iPhone forward. This type of controls will greatly enhance the navigation controls in the game as I only need to focus on pressing the shoot button. The up down left right arrow wheel control which is used for navigation can be enlarged further so that the user knows he is pressing on the arrow controls.



Right now, I feel the best settings for the controls I can have is the All in one control settings. This setting allow me to touch anywhere to turn and aim. The rest of the control settings like Aim anywhere, Shoot anywhere, Dual stick and Touch screen does not seem to be very helpful for someone who just started in the game.

The other aspect of the game which can be improved is the selection of the game music under the main menu. When I tap “Music 1”, it does not play the preview song in front of me. It will be better if I preview listening to the song I like to hear before changing that as the game music.



The other aspect of the game is when I tried to play the level, sometimes the game will pause itself. I am not sure this is due to an iPhone accelerometer issue but I am sure this is a bug which the developer needs to look into as it happen to me a couple of times.

Well, does this mean that Be Free or Die is a lousy 3D zombie shooting game? No. It does have its good points as well. The 3D zombie models are drawn very lifelike and the game controls varied from Aim anywhere, Shoot anywhere, Dual stick, All in One and Touch screen type of controls which lets the gamer has a wide selection before the game starts. The environment game settings are well-drawn too but it requires a map to see where I am so I can complete the mission faster. The zombies’ sounds included in the game together with the creepy dark landscape sort of tells the gamer that he is playing a blood thirsty zombie iPhone game.

Graphics: 4.4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.5 /5
Fun: 3 / 5
Addictiveness: 3 /5
Value for money: 3.5 /5
Overall 3.5 /5

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