Bebbled – a visual stunning puzzle Game Review

9 Jan



Bebbled is a fun and challenging casual match 3 type of game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In Campaign mode, the game can be played in two game modes – Bebbled Land or the Xmas Challenge. In Bebbled Land, there are 18 levels and in the Xmas Challenge, there are 15 levels. Total levels we are talking about comes down to 33 levels in the campaign mode.



The whole idea of the game is to clear the same colored circles within the shortest  number of moves. I like the music in this game because it is relaxing as well as it does not make the game boring.



Each level has its own standard of completing the puzzle. If you failed to complete the level in the desired manner which the campaign mode requires, you cannot move on to the next level. This pushes the gamer to try again and again at this puzzle game, hence it is a truly addictive match three type of game.



If you are bored with the standard rule type of gameplay in the campaign mode, you can have a go at the freestyle game mode. In the freestyle game mode, there are standard, continuous, continuous (classic), shifter, megashift and timeshift style of gameplays. Each style of gameplay is not restricted to any rules and you can purse your bebble-bursting spree continue for hours.

If you cannot complete the puzzle, try tilting your iDevice (iPhone or iPod Touch) so that the bebbles will aligned in some other pattern which can aid you to complete the game.


If you are really bored with playing bebble alone, you can engage other players online by replaying their online games and beating their best records. For the online game mode, you do need an Internet connection on your iPhone.

Considering the 99 cents price tag on the game and the various features of this game which allows you to play in different game modes, I will say it is value for your money. The game also caters for color blind people and the ability to resume your game after a phone call. You can even listen to your own iPod music while playing the game.

Graphics: 4.5/5
Sound/Music: 4/5
Fun: 4 / 5
Addictiveness: 4.5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 /5

Check out the Bebbled on iTunes for $0.99.


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