TerroRats from Moyo Studios, the new, fun, fast paced action-driven puzzle game for everyone.

9 Jan


Venice Beach, CA  January 8, 2010 — TerroRats is the new puzzle/action game for everyone. Easy to learn so you can start having fun right away, but yet so hard to conquer!


As the rats are marching out on the sandy desert dunes they seem peaceful. But watch out, some of them have bad intentions. It’s your job to keep the desert clear of the TerroRats who are carrying time activated explosives and will blow up, unless disarmed and sent to jail.

When a rat turns blue or red, it becomes a TerroRat. Quickly drag it to the right color police car before he blows up.



When the police car is getting full, drag it out of the screen to empty it. The more rats in the car, the more points you earn.

Earn additional combo bonus points by dragging multiple rats to the police cars quickly.

Various items will appear on the screen, some good and some bad. Throw (drag) the bad objects out of the screen and the good objects to your power-up collector at the bottom center of the screen. You can carry 2 power-ups at a time. Activate a power-up by shaking your device.

Good Power-ups:

Slow Motion – Get a break from the madness and clean up the area while the TerroRats are moving slower.

Extra Seats – Need more room in the police cars? You just got room for 8 units.

Disarm – Save this one for the most stressful moments. All TerroRats will become seemingly friendly rats again.

Starvation –  Starve the TerroRats so you can fit more of them in the police cars.

Bad Power-downs:

Steroids – Rats on steroids move and arm faster, so watch out for this one.

Infiltration – TerroRats will steal all your power-ups.

Riot – All rats will be armed and perform a combined effort trying to shut you down.

Cheese – The rats are not watching their weight. Keep them from eating cheese and grow bigger.

Confusion – Police car drivers getting confused and are switching sides.

TerroRats Background:

TerroRats is an remake of the Super Mario mini-game on Nintendo DS.

Additional Information

Price: .99c

Website: http://www.terrorats.com

Gameplay Video #1:

Gameplay Video #2 (simulator):

About Moyo Studios


Moyo Studios is an Interactive agency and game studio based in Venice Beach, California. Moyo has been developing iPhone applications since 2007, TerroRats being the fourth release. Moyo Studios focus is to develop unique, fun games and applications for anyone to enjoy.

Other iPhone titles by Moyo Studios:

MoyoTalk, 2007 http://www.moyotalk.com – Instant Message service, similar to the popular BlackBerry Messenger for the BlackBerry devices.

Game of da Dead, 2009 http://www.gameofdadead.com – Zombie shoot-em-up. Was on the iTunes top 25 list of free apps in 2009.

Zlider, 2009 http://www.zlider.com – A new concept action / puzzle game where your coordination skills are seriously put to the test.

Moyo Studios is planning to develop an additional 10 titles for the iPhone during 2010.


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