TerrorRats Game Review

9 Jan


This casual game is highly recommended for those who like cartoons and people who own the Super Mario mini-game on the Nintendo DS.

The gameplay of this game is pretty straightforward. Basically, you drag and drop blue colored rats into the blue police car and the red rats to the red police car. You have to do this swipe and drop action pretty fast on your iPhone or iPod Touch because the rats will explode when they have an exclamation mark above their heads.


When a rat turns blue or red, it becomes a TerroRat. Quickly drag it to the right color police car before he blows up. This reminds me of the daily terrorist threats that are announced on news everyday.

You can empty the police car anytime when you feel it is full. Of course, the fatter rats will take up more space in the police car so it is up to you to judge how many of them is inside the police car then you need to empty the police car. To empty the police car, simply drag it out of the screen to empty it. The more rats you have in the car, the more points you earn.

Additional combo bonus points can be earned by dragging multiple rats to the police cars quickly.


Various power-up items will appear on the screen from time to time. They can be good or bad power-ups. Throw the bad power-downs out of the screen and the good objects to your power-up collector at the bottom center of the screen. You activate a power-up by shaking your device.

Good Power-ups:

Slow Motion – Get a break from the madness and clean up the area while the TerroRats are moving slower.

Extra Seats – Need more room in the police cars? You just got room for 8 units.

Disarm – Save this one for the most stressful moments. All TerroRats will become seemingly friendly rats again.

Starvation –  Starve the TerroRats so you can fit more of them in the police cars.

Bad Power-downs:

Steroids – Rats on steroids move and arm faster, so watch out for this one.

Infiltration – TerroRats will steal all your power-ups.

Riot – All rats will be armed and perform a combined effort trying to shut you down.

Cheese – The rats are not watching their weight. Keep them from eating cheese and grow bigger.

Confusion – Police car drivers getting confused and are switching sides.

What I feel that makes this game great is the presence of the power-ups and power-downs. You have to watch for the color of the rats changing to safeguard against explosions as well as to train your eye co-ordinations and finger reflexes to discard bad power-downs for this game.

Features I wish this game have is to able to compete with friends online by joining the OpenFeint network and in-game awards to encourage the gamer to play further like trophies or special name titles which can be engraved onto the OpenFeint social gaming network. For now, only individual scores are captured in the game system.

Graphics: 3/5
Sound/Music: 4.5/5
Fun: 4.5/5
Addictiveness: 4.5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 /5

Check out TerroRats on iTunes for $0.99!


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