Zamby Game Review

9 Jan


Zamby is a mixture of Blocked and Sheeple maze game. You play as Zamby monster trying to collect the crystals. Zamby is a small creature living in underground caves on the island of Uska. In order to light up their caves, they use special light crystals which can only be found in the forests of the island. However as their supply of old crystals are running out, Zamby volunteered to search for the crystals but he has to avoid monsters and the various dangers found in the forests.

Sometimes, there are blocks which hinder your path. You can use blocks to cross the river or use them to block the wizard from shooting magic spells which will render you dead instantly.




There are a few popup tips to guide you when the game progresses. You cannot disable them in the game. In Zamby, you can also let the game show you the solution on how the puzzle is solved by having a replay of the action. You can also undo your every moves up to the last move when you are stuck.






There are a couple of monsters later in the game but I have not played so far in the game. Each of them requires a different technique to avoid or kill. The game requires careful thought and a sense of strategic thinking to navigate Zamby safely.


The features which makes this game unique is the presence of monsters that will hinder your quest to collect the crystals. You have to avoid them as far as possible to obtain your objective to get to the next level. There are other features like turn on the grid squares in the game and zoom in effect to the grainer details of the game but these two features are usually the additional options which makes the game a well-thought of game by the developers.

The game controls are really very basic as you use arrow controls to navigate Zamby around the forests.



This is a 99 cents game I do not regret having on my iPhone. If you really need a puzzle game, get Zamby today on your iPhone. Comparing this game with Sheeple, this game has a much higher replay game value due to the existence of monsters and dangers in the forests. There are additional game level packs which are available as in-game purchases if you grow tired of the normal levels bundled in the game.

Graphics: 4.5 /5
Sound/Music: 4.5 /5
Fun: 4 / 5
Addictiveness: 4.5 /5
Value for money: 4.5 /5
Overall 4.5 /5

Check out Zamby on iTunes now for $0.99!


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