Monster Pinball Game Review

18 Jan


Monster Pinball is a pinball game created by Coober Ltd. The game reminds me of the windows XP pinball game but works even better.  There are six linked tables in the pinball game – meaning if your ball goes into one of the special holes, it will go to the next table or level. The levels are well crafted with crazy sound effects. In the Head Ranger level, you can hear an ambulance sound when you hit the ball towards the big blue alien object. Flashing Led lights, beautiful animated graphics, multiple flippers, boosts, bonuses, free balls and rebounds are all part of this fantastic pinball game.

When your ball reaches one of the new tables, there will be a crazy alien sound that announces the name of the level you are in –Invader, Mutator etc. There are multiple game objects that twist the movement of your pinball. Sometimes, there are special appearance of the animated characters if you hit the center of the pinball table with their grayed out pictures behind.

To change the game difficulty level, simply tap on the top left hand corner of the game screen which says “beginner”, “intermediate” or “expert”.

IMG_3088 IMG_3087

IMG_3090 IMG_3086

image image

The game is built on a 60 frames per second physics game engine which gives the gamer the best gaming experience one could never have imagined. You can also send challenge invitations to your friends via email so they can play the game and you guys can see who is the better player. The game also supports Facebook Connect where you can post your game progress via Facebook so that your friends can see that you are playing monster pinball and they can join in the fun if they are interested.



The game controls are pretty straightforward. To start the game rolling, you have to slide your finger down where the plunger is and push it downwards. When you are ready, release the plunger and the ball will shoot out to explore the pinball table. There are some game bonuses like the Freeball or Hotball which you utilize to better your game scores.



When entering your high score, you have to tap a few times on the name field before the keyboard controls becomes activated. I hope there are two buttons in the submit high scores screen – “Submit” and “Cancel” so that the player can decide whether or not to submit their scores or continue playing.


If you have phone calls coming in or you end the game, you can resume the game at a later time. The game saves your game progress so you will not fear that you lose your game saved states. There is a memory bug with the older versions of monster pinball that will make the game crash. Get the latest version 1.6 which actually fixed the bug if you are facing some of the game crash problems.

What I am looking for in the future updates of this game is more gameplay modes. Currently, the game lets you play all the levels depending where your ball goes. It will be nice to have a single level mode that lets you practice one level (either Invader, Mutator etc) and better your scores and high scores are recorded for that level only so you can compare scores with your friends for particular level you are good at!

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.8 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.8 /5

Check out Monster Pinball on iTunes now!

GamePlay video of Monster Pinball in action:


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  1. evelynzoe January 18, 2010 at 6:46 am #

    It would be fun if we can create our own character for the game! 🙂

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