Mission : Deep Sea Review

20 Jan


Mission: Deep Sea is an exploration game where you control a turtle to locate radioactive waste and label them for destruction. The turtle once found the object will use its mouth to bite or nudge at the object to label it. There are two sorts of controls – expert (using multi-touch) and novice (accelerometer).

I have tried both types of controls and seriously I only prefer the novice controls because the expert controls consist of too many actions to remember which I will explain in a far bit of detail later. The game defaults the initial controls to expert controls when you first start the game. But if you wish to change it, you can go to the main menu and change it under the controls option. To go to the main menu at any time, simply tap on the turtle’s head.


On the top left corner of the screen is a radar control that tells you where the radioactive waste are located. Once you found each of them, it will disappear from the radar screen. The top right of the screen shows the strength of your sonar signals. Turtles cannot hear sonar waves but they feel the sound vibrations to detect objects in the sea.


The graphics of this game are pretty life-like and real. Even you can notice the light reflections in the waters as if you are really in the deep sea. As you swim past various objects, you can see fishes around you. But so far, I did not see any sharks in the game. You will notice that I have two round buttons on the left and right side of my screen. This is because I am in Novice game controls mode. The left side button instructs your turtle to swim backwards while the right side button lets it to swim forward. Because it is a 3D game, you have to tilt your iPhone to control the direction which you want to navigate.



The expert controls works differently compared to the novice controls. The right side of the game screen controls the right flipper while the left controls the left flipper.



To turn right, you need to swipe your fingers left. To turn left, you need to swipe your fingers right. To make both flippers move and the turtle move forward, you have to swipe in both directions.


You might ask how about moving up and down in the seas? To move up, you have to swipe your fingers in a vertically downwards manner. To move down, you have to swipe your fingers upwards.



It takes a far bit of practice to remember these controls in your mind. Right now, in this game, you have to swim and navigate to the destructive objects. For lazy gamers, one will most like to control the turtle to swim in the seas and explore the depths but when found the object, he will most likely to point and click the object he wants to mark as destructive so can save the effort of swimming towards it. However, the effort to swim towards the object may be the own source of satisfaction in this game for the gamer once he “found” the radioactive waste.

The developer might want to consider this point and click control when the object is found because in a 3D game settings, sometimes it is hard to navigate to the object unless you are using the novice controls.


There are some initial game briefings of the objectives before you start the game so you know what kind of objects to mark in your exploration adventure.


The game supports submitting your scores through the Internet so you can compare with your friends on how well you fare in the game.

This game is worth buying if you like 3D adventure exploration games. The game is available on the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.6 /5
Addictiveness: 4.6 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out Mission: Deep Sea on iTunes now.


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