Cerebral Vortex Games President gives iPhone games away on His Birthday

23 Jan

THOROLD, ON – January 22, 2010 – Cerebral Vortex Games, Inc. (CVG), a Thorold, ON-based developer of casual games, has announced that its President, Keith Makse has lost his marbles and is giving away their iPhone games away for free.

“Birthdays are like spinny rides”, said Makse. “You keep going around giggling until you lose your lunch. Then you get on again!”

In his best imitation of a spinny ride, Makse has dropped the price of his popular iPhone games, Word Burst, Sonus and iPrioritize to Free. “I should be celebrating my birthday like this every year”, said Makse, “Instead of me getting presents, I’m going to give them away! It’s like I’m January’s Santa!”

Word Burst:


Download Word Burst on iTunes free!



Download Sonus on iTunes free!



Download iPrioritize on iTunes now!

The price reduction is lasting only for the duration of Makse’s birthday (JAN 22) “Unless”, says Makse, “I party to hard and forget to put the price back up. So you better keep those drinks coming!” Cerebral Vortex Games is developing the Augmented Reality Game, Ghost Breaker, and have also been working on the psychology recorder, Happy Thoughts.

About Cerebral Vortex Games


Established in October 2006, the Thorold, Ontario-based Cerebral Vortex Games is an independent Canadian-based developer creating casual and research driven serious games.

The company webpage is located at www.cerebralvortexgames.com.


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