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27 Feb

Tag Games launches innovative, and highly anticipated, iPhone space farming sim

DUNDEE, UK & SAN FRANCISCO, CA USA – 28th February 2010


Mobile and handheld games publisher/developer Tag Games, is pleased to announce the launch of their innovative, and highly anticipated, iPhone space farming sim Astro Ranch. The out of this world iPhone game available in the App Store today, promises a game experience like no other, mashing up resource management with RPG, mini-game elements and is built with the Scoreloop social infrastructure.


The adventure begins as Sindy and Max, the intrepid Starlight twins, blast off from earth for an adventure beyond the stars. Disaster is close at hand however, for as the twins fight for control of the rocket, irreparable damage is done to the control system. Now the rocket is on a collision course with a strange alien planet and only one escape pod remains…


After surviving the crash landing you find yourself alone… or so you thought! The crater in which you’ve landed is occupied by a variety of aliens, some more friendly than others. The only option is to follow through on your prime directive and set up a ranch!



A large variety of alien crops, animals and tools are available to help you build the ranch of your dreams. Watch the stock market daily to ensure you get the best price and as you gain experience purchase the many upgrades that are available to help productivity. If farming gets you down then the locals will provide you with a variety of odd jobs, or you could kick back and enjoy a spot of fishing or gold panning down at the river.

Astro Ranch has a host of social features powered by Scoreloop that allow you to share your game experience with others. You can send letters, gifts and galactic chips to friends; compare ranch values and boast of your achievements on Facebook!

Paul Farley Managing Director of Tag Games comments “At last the iPhone has a farming game to be proud of! Astro Ranch takes the genre to a whole new level with a captivating alien world brought to life in glorious 3D, and a mix of game-play styles to appeal to all types of players.” he continues… “Astro Ranch has had our entire studio and our beta testers hooked for months. We hope that iPhone game players enjoy playing it just as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!”

He is also said to have been overheard to cry “yee haa space cowboy!!!” but this is currently unsubstantiated.

Marc Grumpier CEO of Scoreloop added “Astro Ranch belongs into a new category of games that were designed from the ground up with social interaction in mind. Astro Ranch is awesome because it integrates these social features seamlessly into the game rather than forcing players into a far off external platform. This direct and seamless integration of social features is what Scoreloop is designed for. Simply because it delivers the best end-user and brand experience.

More about Astro Ranch:

  • The best space farming game in the galaxy… ever!
  • Amazing alien world bought to life with awesome 3D graphics.
  • Ranch management and quest based game-play.
  • Wide variety of alien crops, animals, characters, tools and upgrades.
  • Awesome fishing, gold panning and tree shaking mini-games.
  • Social features allow you to connect and compete with friends
  • Customize your game with downloadable clothes and décor (additional cost)

Astro Ranch is available now from the App Store at a special limited time launch price of $2.99 / £1.79 / Euro 2.39.

In addition the first 50,000 downloads will also include a free golden Mayor statue.

What other people are saying about this game:

“This might just be the best iPhone game yet…” Gizmodo

“Already looks like it could be the iPhone killer game!” TouchArcade

“I had a great time visiting Astro Ranch, and came away extremely impressed with what Tag have achieved on the platform.” 4.5 out of 5

“We think Astro Ranch could be a biggie…” Pocket Gamer

About Tag Games


Tag Games is an independent game developer/publisher based in Dundee, Scotland. Tag has quickly established itself as a leader in the creation of games for mobile and handheld digital download platforms. We have earned critical acclaim and commercial success with a number of titles including our recent top 10 iPhone hit Car Jack Streets. We have extensive experience of game development for the most important mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, PSP minis, DSi Ware, Blackberry, J2ME and BREW.

Tag’s reputation for flexibility, innovation and delivery is second to none, successfully balancing the creation of original IP alongside development of licensed and commission titles. Tag Games partners include Endemol, Namco Bandai, Virgin Atlantic, Connect2Media, I-play, Big Fish Games and Wildfire Studios.

About Scoreloop


Scoreloop lets players share their gaming experiences with friends. The company provides infrastructure, implementation services and enhanced end user experiences for game publishers to enable mobile social gaming. The team’s background is in developing and deploying high-volume, secure server architectures. Scoreloop’s social gaming technologies build community and drive game discovery. Scoreloop is venture funded and has a presence in the US, Europe and Asia.  To find out more about Scoreloop visit and follow us on Twitter or Facebook: Scoreloop.

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The Crystal Maze Launches on iPhone & iPod Touch for TV Game Show Fans

24 Feb


The Daddy of all TV Game Shows Returns!

Dundee 22 February 2010:

START THE FANS PLEASE!!” The iconic Richard O’Brien returns with his leopard-print coat, magnetic charisma and hilarious anecdotes to be your guide through the four zones of cult 1990’s game show The Crystal Maze.



Developed by BAFTA award-winning studio Dynamo Games, The Crystal Maze captures the show perfectly. With classic mid-zone animations, appearances from Richard O’ Brien and ‘Mumsie’, the official soundtrack this is a fitting tribute to an iconic series.

Better yet, the game also features a free 16-sample soundboard chock-full of your favourite series sound-bites, Richard O’ Brien quotable and even some of his famous harmonica solos.

“TWO MINUTES TEAM!!” Relive the classic TV game show as you take on the challenges of the Medieval, Futuristic, Aztec and Industrial zones, full to the brim with devious puzzles and obstacles.

The Crystal maze comes complete with two challenging game modes. The first is TV Show Campaign, which tasks players with the full Crystal Maze challenge with lock-ins, meeting Mumsie, collecting crystals and trying to beat the final test of the Crystal Dome itself.



Challenge Mode lets players take on any completed challenges to compete for the highest score via Open Feint leader board connectivity.

With a wide range of free expansion packs in development for future release, The Crystal Maze boasts generous replay value and a high nostalgia factor.


* 4 Challenging games from the original zones: Medieval, Futuristic, Aztec and Industrial

* The final Crystal Dome challenge

* Richard O’Brien as your enigmatic host

* Mumsie!

* TV Show Mode & Challenge Mode

* The original Crystal Maze Theme tune

* 3D Zone Videos, just like from the TV Show!

* Add-on game update packs after initial release

* The game also comes with a FREE Crystal Maze soundboard with 16 classic quotes and sounds from the TV show!

* OpenFeint technology for online high scores to challenge your friends

Brian McNicoll at Dynamo Games said:, “The Crystal Maze is one of those rare institutions that really defines television in the 90’s. Working closely with the creators of the show, we have worked hard to really capture the feeling of the series to provide the best in fan service. We look forward to expanding on the game with a strong line up of expansion packs in the near future.”

The Crystal Maze is available to download for both iPhone and iPod Touch devices via App Store, priced £1.79. Free expansion packs with new challenges will follow so keep an eye on iTunes for updates.

Check out The Crystal Maze on iTunes.

About the Developer

Dynamo Games is a BAFTA award-winning specialist games developer dedicated to bringing the best quality games to the online, mobile & handheld gaming platforms.

The company was established in 2004 as a development studio working specifically within the emerging mobile content market. To date, Dynamo is a vastly experienced Online, Flex, Java, Brew, iPhone, Android, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP developer. The company’s expertise is mainly in developing high quality games in the management and strategy genre of games.

The company’s first title – a football management game was released in 2005 by Eidos Interactive under the world famous ‘Championship Manager’ brand. Nominated for several key industry awards. To date the company has now developed 11 different versions of Championship Manager, on mobile, iPhone and PSP, and is still working on the title 5 years on, now in conjunction with Square Enix.

As well as the Championship Manager success, Dynamo has also brought two well-loved Channel 4 TV game shows to the mobile platform. Both ‘The Crystal Maze’ and ‘Countdown’ were licenses that the company has sourced and created games for over the past few years.

Dynamo has also released a number of own-IP games including the enormously popular ‘Football Tycoon®’ and ridiculously addictive ‘Dizzy Drops”‘.

Listed as one of O2’s and Real Business magazine’s ’50 to watch in mobile 2007′, a BAFTA winner in 2007 for Championship Manager Mobile, and a BAFTA nominee in 2009 for Championship Manager 2010 Express for iPhone, Dynamo are no strangers to success.

The company is currently making a move into the hugely popular online Social Gaming platform developing games for some of the biggest social networking sites in the world such as Facebook, Bebo and MySpace.

Guerrilla Bob’s sale is extended to Wednesday due to Popular Demand

23 Feb


Based on the popular demand, Chillingo Ltd is extending the sale of Guerilla Bob to Wednesday. The game will be available for only $0.99. The sale celebrates the impending update that will take the mayhem of Guerrilla Bob to the next level.

About the much waited update:
In coming weeks Angry Mob Games is going to release a series of new features to spice up the Guerrilla Bob experience. These include the new ‘Mercenary’ game mode and a new array of hardcore weapons, all of which can be upgraded.


Bob will collect his war booty from the bad guys and he’ll be able to pick up all these weapons from the shop:

  1. Baseball Bat
  2. Bomb Pack
  3. Molotov Cocktail
  4. Chainsaw
  5. Machinegun
  6. Shotgun
  7. Rocket-launcher
  8. Grenade-launcher
  9. Flamethrower
  10. Double Uzis
  11. Sticky Bow
  12. Chaingun

Check out this game on iTunes now! Don’t miss out on the sale.

Guerrilla Bob’s weekend sale for 99 cents!

21 Feb


The fast paced, dual stick shooter Guerrilla Bob is on sale this weekend in anticipation of its awesome new update.
In coming weeks Angry Mob Games is going to release a series of new features to spice up the Guerrilla Bob experience. These include the new ‘Mercenary’ game mode and a new array of hardcore weapons, all of which can be upgraded.

Bob will collect his war booty from the bad guys and he’ll be able to pick up all these weapons from the shop:

  • Baseball Bat
  • Bomb Pack
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Chainsaw
  • Machinegun
  • Shotgun
  • Rocket-launcher
  • Grenade-launcher
  • Flamethrower
  • Double Uzis
  • Sticky Bow
  • Chaingun

The game will be available this weekend for only $0.99. If you’d like to see what real action means, pick it up this weekend and be ready for mayhem when the update hits.

Check out the game on iTunes if you want a piece of the action!

Fly-Flap released on iTunes App Store on 19 Feb 2010

20 Feb


Fly-Flap” is a game belonging to the “Tap-games” class with two game modes – “Arcade” and “Campaign”.



The game is executed in 2D cartoon style with high-quality graphics and sound. The developers vocalized all the sounds in this game with their own voices, which gives the game a distinctive peculiarity and makes the player catch their good spirits, as well as dedication and excitement they felt when creating the game.

Main Game Features

– Original graphic design;

– Funny game play;

– 10 missions in campaign mode;

– Unlimited action in arcade mode;

– Funny sounds;

– Intelligence score system (speed and accuracy counted).

Different missions of the campaign will take you into the game, which will cure your boredom. You can practice your favorite missions again and again to surprise friends with your incredible high score.

Bonuses will help you pass through the missions.

You can frighten, blind, spray flies or decrease their speed.

Hungry spiders will help you in this hard game, you must feed it sometime (it will double your points). But at the same time your enemies can be faster, double their quantity and you can be poisoned by beetles – don’t be cruising for a bruising.

Your high scores will be the truth reflection of your accuracy, speed, reaction and ability to use bonuses. And of course your persistence!





Player has to kill annoying flies trying to score maximum number of points and “stay alive”. And it isn’t an easy job to do!)

Developers provided for a number of bonuses – “Good Bonuses” and “Bad Bonuses”.


One of them will help the player to go through the game, while the others will, on the contrary, get in the player’s way.

In the game you will have helpers – small spiders, which need to be fed with flies from time to time (it doubles the score). At the same time, there are poisonous beetles; if you squash those, you are going to have problems.






“Scoring system”

We should separately discuss the scoring system as well. In “High Scores” point are scored for:

– hitting the target;

– number of misses made;

– it also depends on how fast you go through a level in “Campaign” mode.

“Scoring system” is what makes “Fly-Flap” game a real time-killer, which can be played again and again improving your result.

According to the developers, the upcoming upgrade of the game is sure to include the system of scoring points “on-line”, where the players would be able to compare their results with those of other players from all over the world.


It is a set of 10 levels with different missions, which become more and more difficult from level to level. If a player wishes to improve his/her result when going through the “Campaign” mode, he/she will always be able to replay any level, thus achieving the desired result and immortalizing the record in the table of points scored.

FIRST HUNT” – the first level, where the player gets familiarized with the flies; they can be killed if you simply tap on them or shove them to the side;

HUNGRY SPIDER” – within a minute you have to feed 10 spiders with flies, and you must not forget about scoring points;

RUNNING BEETLES” – many beetles running over the screen; they will keep the player from hitting the targets;

SPEEDY FLIGHT” – this level requires maximum speed and accuracy;

ENJOY BUBBLES” – when making many points you should quit while you are ahead, because misses will bring all of your efforts to zero;

CATCH A BONUS” – you can go through this level only using different bonuses;

DON’T TOUCH IT!” – the player has to see the difference between simple flies and infected ones;

COLOR DIFFERENCE” – one has to sort the flies by color putting them into pails of corresponding color;

VERY BAD BONUS” – many bad bonuses will prevent you from going through this level;

LESSON OF SURVIVAL” – this level is a sort of exam, where you should use all the skills acquired in order to live in 90 seconds’ time.

The developers claim that “Fly-Flap” game will be replenished with new interesting and exciting levels, which will be available for users with the upcoming updates of the game.


Developers from “Astalavista Game Development” consider “Fly-Flap” to be an exciting and sightly game with not in the least boring gameplay, therefore, it compares favorably with the other games of “Tap-games” class.

Preview Video:

Check out Fly-Flap on iTunes now!

About the Developers:

clip_image004[4]Astalavista Games Development was founded on the 1st of June, 2009.

The company focuses on development of applications for iPhone, iPod, and iPad frameworks, and also porting of applications to other frameworks: Google Android, Windows

Chillingo’s Clickgamer Launches Angry Birds Lite version on iTunes.

18 Feb




Over 40 stunning new levels were added to the full version of Angry Birds, the hit iPhone and iPod touch game last week.

Now, Chillingo’s Clickgamer can announce that a new Lite version of the game is now available for free download via iTunes.

Check out Angry Birds for $0.99 on iTunes.

The full version of the revolutionary and award-winning catapult-destruction game is priced at just $0.99 and has received hundreds of 5-star reviews on the App Store. Angry Birds offers over 100 levels of physics mayhem plus Crystal social gaming features with competitive elements including achievements and leader boards.

Zombie Wonderland coming soon to iTunes at the end of February after Chillingo and Xoobis signed an agreement

18 Feb


Get ready! Grab your weapons because they are coming! When the pesky undead come out at night to haunt Niceville, there is only one person who knows how to clean up the mess: You! Hold the fort until dawn and you’re good to cash in on the fame and fortune of a Zombie Cleaner!


Zombie Wonderland is a fun, fast and engaging variation of tower defense in 3D for the iPhone, with strong elements of time management and survival horror. Well, without the horror part. And you can cut a little slack on the time management too. It’s about shooting zombies, actually. The cute kind, as there is nothing more annoying than cute zombies.



Niceville is a lovely town that is having a bit of an inconvenience right now. A little zombie infestation is causing some discomfort to the citizens, and they decided to take action.

Chuck, a Zombie Cleaner, is the guy to call when you’re having a Zombie infestation at your place. He will be called by property owners of Niceville that need help getting rid of the wretched dead-alive things. He works from dusk till dawn, always checking the clock to see when the Zombies will go back to bed – when the sun comes up!

His duty is to keep the zombies at bay and maintain an impeccable floor. His job is to shoot his beloved shotgun Betsy until his shoulder hurts and his face is cramping because of that stupid smile. He works the graveyard shift because it’s always twilights and long nights for a Zombie Cleaner!

Zombie Wonderland makes perfect use of the touch screen interface on the iPhone. Pinch to zoom in or out; swipe sideways to rotate the camera; tap a zombie and Chuck will shoot him, tap again for another dose of hot lead. Tap a window and Chuck will run to it, where you can then use your hammer to nail some planks to the window and keep the scent fresh in the house. Swipe up and down to clean the floors from zombie gut splash.




When you are tired of running around, get yourself a sprayer, that thing people call machinegun. Place it on a window and voilá! Instant protection! And in the unlikely case a zombie comes into the house, use the tool at hand to clean the floors after Betsy shows him who’s boss!

Zombie Infestation? Dial 1-800-blast-a-zombie!

·       Aunt Lilly’s Home
–  Aunt Lilly found out that the zombies are starting to get cocky, eating the pumpkin on top of the scarecrow, thinking it was a large human head. She lives in a small cute home, with a garden and a small patch of land where she plants vegetables.

·       Joe’s Bar
–  Joe’s Bar is really close to the cemetery, so Joe is used to people drinking their guts out and not paying, giving as excuse the fact they didn’t have a life. But since the zombies ate the neon cowboy figure on top of the bar, he asked for Chuck’s help to clean up the messy undead from his property.

Jake’s Bodyshop
–  Jake called to ask for help, as the undead were drinking gasoline and running around in flames, disrupting the roosters’ wakeup call with all that light.

·       Olaf’s Funeral Home
– The manager of the small funeral home in Niceville is worried that all their clients are disappearing in the middle of the night. But worse than that is the fact that they keep coming back. And they are hungry.
After a couple nights hunkered down inside the office, he decided that enough is enough and called Chuck to help keeping the clients inside the tombs, resting in pieces.

Chuck’s bad guys list

  • ·       Greenies: the regular crowd, rotting, mumbling, slow moving, brain eating undead.
  • ·       Meanies: larger zombies, slower but deadly, packing a heavy punch that destroys all around him.
  • ·       Flamies: Zombies on fire. They run around screaming, and setting other guys on fire on contact! Great fireworks display when shot. Be careful not to get too close, they burn!
  • ·       Grannies: Old ladies that decided to stop by for tea. Not herbal tea. Eyeball tea more likely. Their scream is bone chilling and can destroy anything in range.

How is it made?!

Zombie Wonderland is being developed by Xoobis using Unity, on a Mac Book Pro and a killer PC rig. The team is a guy sitting for a long time in front of two monitors, balancing a Wacom tablet in one leg, a keyboard on another and making sure he’s painting inside the lines most of the time.
A programmer is also a key element, and we have one of those too. A good one.A bunch of friends with more talent than good judgment helped us tremendously throughout the project and this game wouldn’t have happened without them. They know who they are. And I can’t thank them enough.
And my beloved wife and business partner created the great websites that help us show our little game to the world, kept the bank account humming and the cats well fed.