Guerrilla Bob – An Action-Packed Shooter Game Review

1 Feb



Guerrilla Bob is an action shooter game that is just released by Chillingo. If you like Minigore, you have to try this game. The game starts by letting you try your shooting skills. Once you have obtain a new weapon, it will appear on the bottom centre of the screen.





There are a few villains in the game like Johnny Boom who carries a bomb, willing to take you down along with himself. In such situations, you have to retreat back and continue shooting your bullets at him till he explode.

The next villain is Joe Bombero who likes to throw grenades bombs at you. Avoid them at all costs or you will die easily under his hands.


Sometimes, you will meet up with some turret brigade which has extreme firepower. Grab a health pack when you see this. Your health bar definitely will go down extremely fast if you meet some of these.


If you clear one stage, you need to exit and save the game to save your game progress that you have passed stage 1. If you do not save your level progress and you die in stage 2, you will be taken to stage 1 on your next game restart. I will think the developer can introduce game saved slots for this game so that players can save their progress for different levels rather than dead on level 2 and they have to restart from level 1. The game does save your game states if you did not die in your previous levels. This only applies to when you are dead on certain levels.



The game does show some introduction video clips to the enemies when they appear. You have to think of strategies to take them down when you meet them. There are some humorous dialogue going in Bob’s head when he take down the various enemies.

The game controls are simple but sometimes when Bob runs, it is hard to control the firing directions. The firing directions do go haywire when you run to avoid the enemies. When you are walking slow, the firing controls works fine. Sometimes when you are caught between the firepower of two enemies on your left and right, you will find yourself unable to move diligently. It will be better to have lockon controls on the enemies as you shoot them. I wish there are grenades I can throw at the enemies in this game as there are sometimes, my gun fire cannot reach the enemies due to the short shooting range.


In the dark alleys, you will find some hidden bonus like the flamethrower gun which I found in stage 2. You can switch to the other machine gun by tapping on the machine gun if you want to change weapons.Terrorists can be found lurking in corners. Sometimes, you need to hide behind objects and shoot them to avoid being hit by their ammunition.






The game has integrated with Chillingo’s Crystal SDK for social gaming network which allows you to find friends from facebook and add them to compete against online scores on the leaderboards. Once you have configured the game integration with facebook and twitter, your scores or achievements will be posted to facebook or twitter. However, the game does not have any challenges configured with Crystal SDK now.

The game needs some improvement in the controls previously mentioned as well as to add chat rooms in the Crystal SDK so that online players can chat over their scores and achievements. For $2.99, I will say it is worth your buck as there are enemies to kill and achievements to fulfill in the game.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out Guerrilla Bob on iTunes now!


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