Pro Zombie Soccer Preview

8 Feb


I have just completed this Pro Zombie Soccer Preview game on my iPhone. The game is about Jax who is a talented soccer player who is being banished from his soccer team by his coach.


Just when he thought his sorrow is over, a zombie bit him in the arm. Usually, when zombies bite you, you will turn into one of them.




There are lots more zombies coming after Jax and he pick up a soccer ball as a weapon against the undead.




The game is divided into 3 levels. Level 1 is the Street. Level 2 is the scrap yard. Level 2 has 2.1 and 2.3 stages. Level 3 is the Storm where Jax killed his zombie friend. Level 2.2 seems to be missing from the game. This is a preview demo game so I expect this to be an uncompleted game as well.




Level 1 is the normal bash-up zombie mode where you control Jax to tilt his angle of shooting his soccer ball. You have to take note that once you release your ball, you are vulnerable to zombie attacks so you have to make sure that each kick equals to one or more kills. You can obtain combo kicks by holding the button pressed downwards for longer period of time. This will produce a more powerful kick that can kill the more persistent zombies.






Zombies comes in all shapes and sizes. You cannot let any zombie bite you or the rest will come attacking you like the picture above. That will be the end of Jax! What I like about Pro Zombie Soccer is the variety of zombies available in the game. Usually hat tricks scores the most meaning you have to aim at the heads of the zombies to kill them. However, some zombies can go headless and still attack you like the running zombie shown above.

You can bounce the balls off the walls to deliver your special angle shot too!


The next thing you have to beware in the game is that you have to save your combo power shots for the bosses and don’t use them too early in the game. There are 3 types of balls – lighting , angry satellite and piercing ball. The lightning ball allows you to kick as fast as you can towards the zombies while the piercing ball can take down a few zombies in 1 row. The angry satellite ball allows you to tilt your iPhone and mark the zombies’ positions and kill them in their respective positions. But all these 3 moves can only be acquired once in the stage, so use them wisely and not too early in the game or you will find yourself at the mercy of the undead!




Once you get to the end of the game, you will find out Jax kill his best friend because he has turned into a zombie. This fills him with hatred for the zombies who has bitten his friend earlier and he vowed to kill them all.



I think we can expect more from the developers of this game as the game is pretty short. It took me much longer time to complete 2.1 level as it is tough with all sorts of zombies piling up in line to attack you. Perhaps, the developer can put in a helper or 2nd-player inside the game to help you to slaughter some of the undead. This can be in the form of multi-player game and help to relieve the difficulty level of this stage.

One feature I will expect in the complete game will be ball passing within team members as soccer is a group game. It just kills the fun when you are playing soccer alone with some disgusting zombies. Also, the game can include special famous World Cup soccer characters that can be bought or achieved through collecting of bonus points to buy them. This can enhance the replay value of the game as well. Stay tuned to see more of this Pro Zombie Soccer on iTunes.

Pro Zombie Soccer will be published by Chillingo.

Check out the game web site at

Preview Video:

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