Artist Colony – a Casual SIM to go Live 02/10/10 on iTunes App Store

9 Feb


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Unveil the drama in this masterpiece of love, betrayal and creative genius! Artist Colony is the ground breaking sim/time management game where players have to restore a thriving oasis of artists as they rebuild the community.





Key selling points:

– Based on the critically-acclaimed hit PC game with raving reviews: “This surprisingly deep and enjoyable game is well worth your time and money. The unique concept is well-designed and successfully executed, and should provide many engaging hours of fun.” (Gamezebo)

A dramatic and artistically charged casual simulation (Sim) game

Nurture your artists: Make sure they are rested and fed, keep them inspired, help them find love or heartbreak!

– Sell brilliant works of art as you battle the elements to restore a once-thriving colony and attract new talent.

– Unveil the drama through a gripping plot, stunning graphics, changing seasons and a creative adventure!

FF_iPhone_New 001

FF_iPhone_New 002

FF_iPhone_New 005

FF_iPhone_New 006

FF_iPhone_New 007

Key features:

15 characters with unique personalities, preferences and creative talents

– Inspire artists, dancers, musicians and more as they perfect their crafts to create over 550 masterpieces

Flawless touchscreen controls: tap to select an object, pinch to zoom in and explore each scene

– Share your game achievements with your friends by using the Facebook Connect feature

– Listen to your own music from your iPod library while playing

image image image image image image

Check out the game on iTunes now!


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