ReaddleDocs 2.1 integrates Google Docs and Dropbox in one iPhone application

12 Feb


Today Readdle announces the release of ReaddleDocs 2.1, the updated version of revolutionary file manager, document reader and attachment viewer for the iPhone. ReaddleDocs 2.1 presents integration with Google Docs – online office suite and Dropbox – popular cloud file storage. This integration makes ReaddleDocs 2.1 the only iPhone application that allows moving files between Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk and Google Docs.


Recently announced updates in Google Docs service make it possible to store any type of file in it, which gives the popular software-as-a-service product an important online storage component. ReaddleDocs 2.1 utilizes these new capabilities by easy moving documents between Google Docs and iPhone. In addition to regular office document types, Google Apps Premier Edition customers can copy any files to their accounts.


Dropbox storage support is another very important addition implemented in ReaddleDocs 2.1. Now all Dropbox users can browse their Dropbox accounts to get necessary file, download them directly to the iPhone and even upload new files and photos to the online. Combined with ReaddleDocs’ ability to access email attachments, it makes ReaddleDocs 2.1 the first iPhone application that can save email attachments to Dropbox.





“Google Docs and Dropbox integration were two most popular enhancements requested by our users. We are glad to address these requests with ReaddleDocs 2.1 release and are sure that the update will allow our customers to accomplish even more tasks using their iPhones and iPod Touches,” – says Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO.







The update brings significant improvements in saving attachments via POP3 protocol. In addition, ReaddleDocs 2.1 features updated built-in web browser interface which allows instant return to last visited site and quick access to browser bookmarks.

Pricing and Availability:
ReaddleDocs 2.1 is available on the Apple App Store at $4.99 for the new customers and as a free upgrade for existing users:

About Readdle

Founded in 2007, Readdle aims to provide iPhone and iPod Touch users with high quality applications that are missing in a standard application set. Company flagship offerings are Scanner Pro – application which transforms the iPhone into portable scanner; ReaddleDocs – revolutionary file manager, document reader and attachment viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch; Take A Note – a versatile note taking application with direct access to notes from a PC or Mac computer over Wi-Fi.


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