Star Walk announces a new version for St. Valentine’s Day featured best overall app 2009 and best outdoor app by Apple and runner app for Educational BestAppEver

14 Feb


This Valentine’s, let your beloved be your only star, giving him/her the whole sky! A new special feature has been added to the sky of Star Walk and will be available only for the St. Valentine’s weekend. Find the heart shaped button on the left, choose the place on the sky you like the most, tap the heart and your chosen screen will be framed with a virtual Valentine Card, available in several different variants. Never before has it been so simple to make your loved one the most beautiful star in the sky!

Please note Valentine Cards will be available between Feb,13 and Feb,15 only.

This coming weekend there is one more surprise in store. In fact, St. Valentine’s Day matches the Chinese New Year, so we decided to treat our fans with this year’s symbol, which will appear on Star Walk virtual sky during the holiday week from Feb,14 to Feb,21.


Apart from these two temporary additions, our team kept working on improving Star Walk and fixed some bugs you had told us about. The calculations for sunset and sunrise time in the Sky Live opening window have been fixed. Also the interface formatting when sending emails has been adjusted so no problems will be encountered when sending your Valentine cards.


Enjoy the new Star Walk 3.6 and experience how romantic looking at the sky and the stars can be.

All Star Walk features and how to use them:

VALENTINE CARDS: scroll the screen and choose your favorite star or constellation, tap the heart shaped button and your screenshot will appear in one of four available Valentine Cards. Write your own message and send the virtual card via email.

SKY LIVE Window: open up the new window tapping the top left hand corner moon shaped button and see moon phases, elevation and rising data for the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

PICTURE of the DAY: an exclamation mark will appear on the left hand corner, tap it and a list of pictures will open in front of you. To know more about the pictures tap -i- for info on the top right hand corner.

VIEW from the EARTH: SW will allow automatic and manually selected location on the globe. Touch it, spin it and find where you want to be to observe the sky tonight.

DIGITAL COMPASS with Star Spotter: If you have an iPhone 3GS tilt your phone and the ”Star Spotter” function will be activated, a live representation of what you see in the sky will appear on your display and the sky will start following your movements whether you move up or down, left or right. In order to stop the function simply tap the display. If you don’t have an iPhone 3GS the ”Star Spotter” function will still activate once you tilt your iPhone or iPodTouch and will work as you hold it and move it up and down.

TIME MACHINE: tap the clock icon and date and time will be displayed. Slide your finger on the hours and the sky will start moving accordingly. Touch year, month and time and change depending on what you want to see, the display will adapt accordingly to show you how stars and planets were aligned at that time.

MOON PHASES: select the moon with the touch of your finger, tap the -i – symbol to enlarge the image and start the clock to watch moon phases. You can do the same with all other planets and stars.
Wikipedia LINKS: select one celestial corpse and tap the – i – icon to activate the magnifier and read main information about it. To know more tap the -w – icon at the bottom of the table and the wikipedia page will open up.



HELP GUIDE: for any questions on how to use the ”Star Spotter” function or the Time Machine tap the – ? – menu.

SETTINGS: with the bottom right icon you are given different options. You can change the screen with night mode, select brightness, put sounds on and off, find and select location and start your list of favorites.

Since it entered the mobile software market in 2001 VITO Technology Inc. has developed an impressive portfolio of products for Windows Mobile. The latest VITO Technology’s endeavour includes iPhone and Web 2.0 software development.

Check out StarWalk on iTunes for $2.99.


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