What Flower Valentine’s Edition released on Feb 10 2010 just in time for Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb


Searching through more than 250 flowers to make up that perfect bouquet for Valentine’s Day? With WHAT FLOWER you can find flowers by their name, their meaning, the emotion they convey, the occasion they’re best suited for, the season they bloom in or the geographical region they naturally grow in.
And to make things easier for you, we have introduced a special Valentine’s Day update. All the right flowers for the occasion are now just two taps away, in the Valentine’s tab at the bottom of the screen.



With the Valentine Edition you have all the basic tools of WHAT FLOWER, so you can:
– Discover the meanings of over 250 flowers!
– Gaze at an extensive collection of beautiful flower photos.
– Find out on what occasion you should give a particular flower.
– Search for flowers by name, meaning, emotion, occasion, season or geographical
– Keep a list of your favorite flowers.
– Put side by side up to 4 flowers to see how well they go together. Or how badly!
– Add to an address book contact their favorite flowers. This way, you’ll always make a good impression!
With the Valentine Edition you can also:
– Find all Valentine’s Day flowers in the Valentine tab at the bottom of the screen, grouped according to the emotions they convey
– Easily locate the right flowers for the occasion in any list by their special highlight


Choosing the perfect flower for your loved one has just become easier!

Currently, the developers are giving out FREE PROMO CODES will be given to 40 lucky fans (http://www.facebook.com/pages/cake-break/223760982002), 20 for Twitter followers (@cake_break).

Check out the app on iTunes for $2.99 if you miss the promotion.


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