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7 second arcade Game Review

27 Mar


My first impressions of this game are that it is a casual game. I am also wondering why it is called 7 second arcade.

The reason why it is called 7 second arcade is because you need to figure out how to play the game and complete each stage within 7 seconds.




Each of the stages require a different type of control. Be it to be Touch control, Accelerometer control or Touch button and Accelerometer Tilt control. The usual avoidance game uses Tilt control. Some of the mini games like the collect objects or guide the rabbit to the door exit are very cute. Kids will like these type of games.




After you complete the basic levels, the pace gets faster. The clock ticks away and you have to complete the rest of the second part of the game. The rewards of completing all the small games are that you can unlock three more mini games – Candy Drop, Dream Blaster and Zombie Car Smash.

It will take some amount of skill to complete and get the rest of these mini games. Sometimes, I complete the small games too fast, the game stop showing any graphics. I think this is because I am using iPhone 3GS.




Overall, I feel this game is quite unique because of its gameplay and has lots of replay value as the developer tries to bundle many small games into this app. Great effort on his part. But I do hope the graphics glitches will be fixed in the next updates.

Graphics: 4/5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 4/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 / 5

Check out the game on iTunes for $1.99


I-play & Tequlia Mobile Announce "Warships – Sea on Fire" for iPad

27 Mar

Welcome to the Navy!



Get ready to fight in extraordinary ocean battles and prove your tactical skills in this all-time classic strategy game which is now more thrilling than ever!


Win 20 battles across three unique locations: World War I, Pirates and the Science Fiction. Gain new titles, unique rewards and medals for completing various achievements.

Climb the Navy Career ladder to rise from Ensign to a prestigious Fleet Admiral. Lead your fleet to the victory and domination over the seas!

The ever-green game as you have never seen before!



“Warships – Sea on Fire!” is a unique, content-rich and feature-packed variation of traditional pen and paper battleships, a well known, classic strategy game being widely recognizable and massively popular worldwide.

While following the rules of its early predecessor, the game offers much more value than any other game of this kind.

With its iPad-dedicated, full-screen “HD” graphics, silky smooth animations, 20+ different AI levels, three unique themes, excellent music and rich sounds effects, “Warships – Sea on Fire” is a must-have App for all fans of this beloved classic!



Key Features:

v  3 different graphic themes set in different areas:  World War I, Pirates, Science Fiction

v  Dedicated music & rich sounds effects designed specifically for each theme

v  20 levels within each theme – that totals  to 60 different battles.

v  Advanced AI that progressively increases the challenge in each level.

v  Various medals, titles and rewards to gain through the Navy Career!

v  Extremely intuitive controls, built-in tutorial, clear and friendly interface,

v  Excellent graphics, fun animations and tons of eye catching effects!

v  iPad dedicated UI , full-screen mode

Be sure to check out this game when iPad is out. 🙂

Artificial Life Launches Red Bull Racing Contest / game for free (for 3 days)!

27 Mar


Artificial Life is holding the Red Bull Racing Challenge Contest with the Red Bull Racing Team, offering a day tour at the team’s Factory and experience the ultimate racing thrill – the team simulator, as well as giving out the Red Bull’s official collectibles!

The contest is entered via the team’s official iPhone game which is available to be downloaded for free from now till the end of the Australian Grand Prix (Mar 26-28).

There are two contests, Season Contest and Grand Prix Contest, featured in the Red Bull Racing Challenge iPhone game latest version 1.0.2 or above. To win the premium prizes, contestants can register to the races by clicking the “Contest” button in the game.

Season Contest lasts throughout the whole grand prix season from March 26 to November 13. Contestant with the best cumulative time records of all laps shall be the winner and shall be rewarded with the grand prize, i.e. a day tour at the team’s Factory and the simulator experience.

The Grand Prix Contests, however, are 17 separate contests run over the grand prix weekends. Prizes for the winners of each Grand Prix Contest include official team merchandises and autographed cards from Red Bull Racing’s drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Further details about the contests and alternative entry method can be found at

Some highlighted features of the game:

  • Racing around six circuits including China, Great Britain, Monte Carlo and Australia.
  • The chance to learn the tracks in practice and setting the fastest time in Qualifying
  • Test your reaction time with the unique in-game pit stop challenge
    Race a friend through every turn in the Multiplayer mode (requires Bluetooth)
  • Customize races by selecting the track, weather and difficulty
  • Choose from three control schemes using the iPhone’s multi-touch screen and accelerometer
  • Join in a quiz at the Red Bull Energy Station to unlock team video clips
  • Unlike the actual car, this RB5 comes with an in-car stereo so you can rock as you race with Twin Atlantic
  • Show off your best lap times and championship trophies on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out Red Bull Racing Challenge Game on iTunes free now!

Saving Private Sheep – coming to iPhone and iPad

27 Mar

Saving Private Sheep is a fantastic physics-based puzzler that combines logic, dexterity and strategy to achieve victory. On top of it, the oodles of personality will keep players playing. This game is created by Bulky Pix who created My Brute the fighting game. This game is a close call compared to Angry Birds published by ClickGamer.


The war between wolves and sheep is raging. The sheep fight bloody barbarians who encroach upon their pastures. They want to graze in PEACE!  They won’t be led to slaughter in silence. It is time to launch operation “Iron Wool”!



Help the Woolen Warrior conquer the enemy territory by leading it into the secure zone. To do this, you will need just one weapon: your finger! Destroy the obstacles in the surrounding area to enable the sheep to achieve its objective, to land on land, in total safety. Increasingly complex structures and special blocks (indestructible, explosive etc.) coming in a variety of shapes and with different actions will make your mission harder. Saving Private Take the Woolen Warrior through a progressively difficult 80 levels. Combine logic, dexterity and strategy to achieve victory!





The Game features:

  • Quirky Humor, fight between wolfs and Sheep
  • More than 80 levels
  • Social Platform Openfeint included
  • New level pack to come (in-app purchase)
  • iPad version in production too

I do not have any preview video at the moment for this game but when I have it, I will add it here. 🙂

Twistrix – classic mechanical puzzle came to iPhone/iPod touch

27 Mar


March 25, 2010 – Avallon Alliance and OZ SmartGames Solutions announce their collaboration to provide games on iPhone and iPod touch. Avallon Alliance has published Twistrix – 3D classic style puzzler, in which players pit their intellect against plenty of original combinations of balls, colors and empty cells (from easy to near-possible).

OZ SmartGames Solutions develops games with a huge potential of brain challenge, hidden behind the deceptively simple appearance. In this new title classic features from mechanical puzzles are presented in fresher way.


In the center of attention we have a 3D cylinder, which is built of several rings, twisting around the central axis. Cylinder also consists of movable multicolored balls and empty spaces. Take a look at this gameplay video: YouTube
At the beginning of the level the balls are mixed up and the challenge is to match-up them. To complete the level, player has to meet three conditions: push the cylinder bottom to rotate it, twist rings and slide balls! Change the location of empty cells tactically and use them to arrange balls. Every column must contain balls of just one color. Number of balls in every column must equal.

Twistrix is one of those games that deliver good warm remembrances of childhood to the modern technologies.
Twistrix is available worldwide on App Store in Games section for $0.99:

Check out the game on iTunes now!

About the Developers
Avallon Alliance Ltd. ( is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPod Touch games. Founded in 2008, company has already grown to become the leading publisher in Eastern Europe. It became possible due to many facts: focus exclusively on iPhone market, firmness of purpose, highly-qualified stuff and unique methods of promotion. Debut product, created by Avallon Alliance – quest The Stone of Destiny became the first in the world hidden object game for platform iPhone/iPod Touch. Company is known for building its own successful projects (Napsters, Mezopuzzle, Car Troller) and effective collaboration with the best creators of casual games in the world (JoyBits, Voodoo Dimention, URSE Games, etc.).

Scanner Pro, iPhone document scanner, gets major update

24 Mar


Today Readdle announces the release of Scanner Pro 2.0, the latest version of their popular iPhone application, which transforms the device into portable scanner. Scanner Pro 2.0 adds GoogleDocs integration, camera stabilization, automatic edge detection and passcode protection for the entire application. Scanner Pro 2.0 is available on the Apple App Store at $6.99 to new customers and as a free upgrade for existing users.


Scanner Pro 2.0 easily handles situations when a hard copy document should be scanned and there is no scanner nearby. It lets people scan multipage documents, email them and even upload to Dropbox, Evernote, MobileMe iDisk or any other WebDAV enabled server. The application incorporates special algorithms to enhance image quality and make it as readable as possible.
Google Docs integration allows taking the advantages of the recent optical character recognition function. It allows users to upload scans page by page to their Google Docs accounts and convert them into text documents for later editing on any desktop computer. There is also an option to upload a whole document as a PDF file.

Camera stabilization added in Scanner Pro 2.0 prevents images from becoming blurred while taking photos. Application automatically chooses the moment to take a shot so a shake caused by a hand movement is minimal.
Automatic page borders detection finds document edges on the image and crops it accordingly, while password protection prevents an unauthorized access to scans.

What advanced scanner features does Scanner Pro have?

  • Ability to compose multi page documents
  • All results are industry standard PDF files
  • Optional 40-bit RC4 level PDF encryption
  • Image quality enhancement algorithms
  • Uploading files to MobileMe iDisk and other WebDAV enabled web storages

What does Scanner Pro let you do?

Scan multipage documents
Scanner Pro can handle any type of document ranging from simple one page letters to multipage agreements. You can add and remove pages, reorder them and even combine pages of different size, like A4 and A5, in one document.

Make industry standard PDF files
All scanned document are saved as PDF files that could be easily shared with other people and read on any computer and many mobile phones.

Protect documents with password
Scanner Pro allows you to set password for PDF files you create. Only people who know the password will be able to open the document.

Transfer documents to Mac and PC
Connect any Mac OS X, Windows XP and Windows Vista computer to the iPhone
running Scanner Pro via Wi-Fi and copy scanned PDF files from iPhone. No additional software required to make it work.

Send scans by email
Just scan any document you want and tap send button. Yes, it’s that simple.

Preview documents before sending
Built-in PDF viewer lets you preview scans exactly the same as they will look like for anyone who will read the document. You will always know what you are sending.

Upload Scans to online file storages
Scanner Pro supports uploading documents from the application to any WebDAV compatilbe web service like MobileMe iDisk, Box.Net and Humyo. It’s fast, reliable and easy to use.

Utilize Evernote integration
Higly anticipated Evernote integration lets you convert printed documents, receipts and even handwritten texts into searchable notes accessible from anywhere. Get rid of the paper!

Who are Scanner Pro competitors?
There are several products that position themselves similarly to Scanner Pro. Most well known of them are JotNot and DocScanner.

In short, why Scanner Pro is better for business?

  • Designed to work with multipage documents
  • Supports documents with landscape orientations
  • Can create password protected PDF files
  • Lets share documents in a number of ways

Facts at a glance
System Requirements
iPhone with 2.2.1 firmware

USD $6.99.

Scanner Pro is available in the App Store. Check it out now!

NavFone MY App Review

24 Mar


Previously, I did a review on NavFone SG. I recently downloaded NavFone MY (Malaysia) to see whether this application can help me to find my way around Malaysia.The application shows the map of Malaysia on the start-up.

You can pinch out to zoom into the map which will show you the tourist attractions of Malaysia itself. This feature works just like other iPhone apps.




The search function is probably the most used function. In this search function, you can do a search by layer or if you know what exactly you are searching for, you can just tick the location depending on what it is. For example, if I want to find places that serves me food, I will just tick food in the search. The search function is able to locate places within your vicinity as well. Just tap on the distance button and you are ready to go.


There is one hidden trick which is when you begin search on layers, the most frequent search result will be saved under the “Recents” tab. If you need to see your recent search result again, this feature lets you do just that.



Once you found what you are looking for, you can drill down using the “>” arrow sign to view it on the map to find your way there. The viewing of the map does not require an active Internet or 3G data connection.

What I feel this app is missing are the arrow directions that help you to locate which route to take from your location to the destination. Currently, the app only lets you find the location but you have to pinch in and out from the map to search for your location (the starting point) to see how you need to get there.

It will be great if this feature can be improved by plotting the arrow directions using the GPS to location your location and reference it to your destination.

There is no journey planner in this version compared to the NavFone SG version because Malaysia transport is not that convenient as compared to Singapore. But hopefully, there will be a direction map that can advise your taxi driver to take which path from your current location so you will not have to take detours and pay a heavy Taxi bill next time.

Functionality: 4 /5
Ease of Use: 4 /5
Value for Money: 5 / 5
Type of users Catered for: Tourists going to Malaysia
Overall: 4 /5

Currently, NavFone MY is on sale for $2.99 on iTunes. Get it if you need to travel around Malaysia.