Battle of Puppets Game Review

4 Mar



Who says puppets cannot fight on their own? In this game, you get to see different kinds of puppets fighting against each other. You control the puppets on the left hand side, fighting against the Viking puppets. The ones on the left can be chosen in the game by going the main menu. The different types of puppets range from Carmen, Madama Butterfly, Saloma, Aida and Valkiria.






It is not tough to choose which types of puppets you need. Basically, you will have the front troops as the attackers and another bunch of troops which specialize in long range weapons. You will also have one type of troops which rides on a horse with a spear. When you reach certain number of troops being generated, the game system will prompt you that you cannot generate any more troops.


As your troops move, you are able to setup small forts which can help you generate more armies along the way without depending solely on your main defense tower for producing more armies. Create more forts to level up as well as to gain more special units like the cannon ship and the cavalry units.


You can get special units like the Mexican Bulls and the Egyptian Sphinx (Tiger) when you upgrade your castle or main defense tower to level 3 which is also when you reach 800 in popularity, Popularity is denoted by the number of Stars you get on the left hand side of the game screen. When you upgrade your castle the 2nd time, you will find yourself having the ability to produce more units.

You might asked which units are more effective against archers, Bull or the Sphinx? Generally, soldiers are more stronger than archers and cavalry units are stronger than the rest. The Mexican Bull is one of the strongest unit but you can defeat it by using Thor (Walkiria’s biggest unit). The same applies for Sphinx. You can use the Bull against the Sphinx.

With a combination of professions (magical powers you hold at hand) and different selections of units, it is a matter of how you use the professions and when you best make use of them during the attacks which will truly determine you as the winner in this game.


The most entertaining part of this game is the music. You will hear some nice funky music when your puppets goes to war. The background landscape also moves and changes as your puppets advance their attacks.



As your puppets fight, you will gain money to upgrade your defense tower. Once you upgrade your tower, it will look more and more magnificent. This will makes you happy seeing your own defense tower “growing” in size. To produce more units, you just need to tap on your defense tower and select the type of attacking units and they will be produced by the “factory”.



This game is fun but you only have 3 saved game slots to change your preference of soldiers. If your slots are full, you need to delete one of the current game saved slot to cater for the new units.

There is nothing much to complain about this game except the selection of troops using the saved game slots is not clear enough. Initially, I just walk-in and took the selected puppet because I thought I need to complete the first level before I can choose the advanced type of troops. I thought that I can only choose one class of troops.

This game allows you to make sure of professions to destroy enemies in the game other than your troops. Professions are like powers which makes you God-like. However, these profession are available only where you conquer the cities. In the main map, you will see some cities have a kind of icon. It means you have to conquer that city to obtain those professions like the electrician – Z. Just draw a Z lightning sign and all your enemies will be blinded by electricity and freeze in their tracks for a moment. You can activate professions in the different stages by double tapping on the game screen.



You also can train different professions of puppets by using finger gestures like drawing the letters S, O and N etc. You can practice these finger gestures of training professions under the main menu. 



One of the most helpful options you have in this game is to turn on the life meter. This will allow your troops to have a health bar on their heads and the bar will drop if you attack them. This indicator also lets you know when you need to bring in backup troops or when your enemies are dying. Once you enabled this option, it makes it easier to strategize and play the game. However, this health bar does not give clear signs to the gamer. Sometimes, the health bar will blend into your surroundings and using them to your best advantage will probably depend on your eyesight.

If you are a fan of tower defense games, you will surely don’t want to miss having this game on your iPhone.

Graphics: 4 / 5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 /5

Check out Battle of Puppets on iTunes now for $1.99.


2 Responses to “Battle of Puppets Game Review”

  1. indyapps March 9, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    There seems to be quite a bit of features in the game. Great graphics!

    Is there a tutorial level? Sounds like the review was confused about being able to switch troops. Also sounds like the life meter of troops should be on by default. Are these things covered in tutorial level? If not, that may be something to change.

    Just from the pictures it looks like you have 4 troop members to choose. In higher levels can you unlock more? Or does building a secondary fort give you different troops?

    Hope you can use these some of these ideas.


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