Time-Shifting Puzzler Timeloop is Free on App Store from Today

6 Mar

Connect2Media says “Thank You” to Customers with Free Download


Manchester 5th March 2010: Critically acclaimed mobile development studio Connect2Media, developers of The Dog, Arachnadoodle and Go! Go! Rescue Squad! has today started offering its innovative iPhone and iPod Touch puzzler Timeloop free of charge.


Stephen Hey at Connect2Media said, “We are about to start a new season of superb releases, but we wanted to show our appreciation to everyone that bought our games and supported the studio throughout 2009. Timeloop reviewed very well back in August for its mind boggling, time-based puzzles that fans of Braid and Portal will appreciate. We hope everyone has fun with the game and we look forward to your feedback and purchases in future. Thanks everyone!”


Timeloop follows a charismatic, yet clumsy janitor android called Nik as he attempts to save a space lab from destruction after an experiment goes horribly wrong. With many scientists to rescue and a horde of feline test subjects to contend with, it’s needless to say that everyone’s having a bad day.

It’s up to the plucky hero to save the day, but there’s only one problem; the research complex is massive and has too many problems for one robot to handle…or does it?



By combining your brainpower and a handy warping device, Nik can go back in time and work alongside copies of his past self to beat the odds, save the scientists and put things right once and for all. Boasting a unique art style, 32 mind-bending levels and the loveable Nik himself, Timeloop is the must have app this summer, breaking puzzle convention and perfect for burst play while on the go.

Timeloop 1.0 key features

– 32 increasingly mind -bending puzzles

– Multiple solutions to almost every puzzle mean that there is always more than one way to skin a cat

– Gold, Silver and Bronze award categories

– Rescue stray cats as well as professors. Can you manage the challenge?

Check out TimeLoop free on iTunes App Store now!

Gamers can keep up-to-date with upcoming Connect2Media titles and app store deals by following the studio on Twitter by following ‘connect2media’.

About the Developer


Connect2Media is a true 360 degree cross-platform games company. We wholly embrace the idea that consumers want access to quality games without the need for the complexity of device knowledge, platform requirements and specific regional formats.

Connect2Media acts as a developer and global publisher and distributor for digital entertainment for both B2B and B2C marketplaces. From big screen Interactive TV through to small screen mobile phones, Connect2Media’s content is available through many of the world’s biggest media providers.


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