Spartacus: Blood and Sand official iPhone game free from March 12th

14 Mar


Spartacus: Blood and Sand starting for free tomorrow March 12 (Fri) at 9:00 ET. The original price of the game is $4.99.

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand game was produced in partnership between Artificial Life and Starz Digital Media and is based on the new original hit TV series produced by Starz Media. Thanks to the support from Starz, Artificial Life is able to put this game for free. Below are the official words from them.


Step into the arena and prepare to FIGHT!  Defeat your opponents in gruesome tooth-and-nail battles ending in shocking carnage and humiliating decapitations.  Quench your thirst for bloodshed as you are the ultimate Gladiator.  You are Spartacus.

Realistic 3D characters and weapons, customizable fighting conditions, and head to head multiplayer battle mode will leave you thirsty for more!

Download now FREE for a limited time at the iTunes App Store


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