I-play & Tequlia Mobile Announce "Warships – Sea on Fire" for iPad

27 Mar

Welcome to the Navy!



Get ready to fight in extraordinary ocean battles and prove your tactical skills in this all-time classic strategy game which is now more thrilling than ever!


Win 20 battles across three unique locations: World War I, Pirates and the Science Fiction. Gain new titles, unique rewards and medals for completing various achievements.

Climb the Navy Career ladder to rise from Ensign to a prestigious Fleet Admiral. Lead your fleet to the victory and domination over the seas!

The ever-green game as you have never seen before!



“Warships – Sea on Fire!” is a unique, content-rich and feature-packed variation of traditional pen and paper battleships, a well known, classic strategy game being widely recognizable and massively popular worldwide.

While following the rules of its early predecessor, the game offers much more value than any other game of this kind.

With its iPad-dedicated, full-screen “HD” graphics, silky smooth animations, 20+ different AI levels, three unique themes, excellent music and rich sounds effects, “Warships – Sea on Fire” is a must-have App for all fans of this beloved classic!



Key Features:

v  3 different graphic themes set in different areas:  World War I, Pirates, Science Fiction

v  Dedicated music & rich sounds effects designed specifically for each theme

v  20 levels within each theme – that totals  to 60 different battles.

v  Advanced AI that progressively increases the challenge in each level.

v  Various medals, titles and rewards to gain through the Navy Career!

v  Extremely intuitive controls, built-in tutorial, clear and friendly interface,

v  Excellent graphics, fun animations and tons of eye catching effects!

v  iPad dedicated UI , full-screen mode

Be sure to check out this game when iPad is out. 🙂


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