Twistrix – classic mechanical puzzle came to iPhone/iPod touch

27 Mar


March 25, 2010 – Avallon Alliance and OZ SmartGames Solutions announce their collaboration to provide games on iPhone and iPod touch. Avallon Alliance has published Twistrix – 3D classic style puzzler, in which players pit their intellect against plenty of original combinations of balls, colors and empty cells (from easy to near-possible).

OZ SmartGames Solutions develops games with a huge potential of brain challenge, hidden behind the deceptively simple appearance. In this new title classic features from mechanical puzzles are presented in fresher way.


In the center of attention we have a 3D cylinder, which is built of several rings, twisting around the central axis. Cylinder also consists of movable multicolored balls and empty spaces. Take a look at this gameplay video: YouTube
At the beginning of the level the balls are mixed up and the challenge is to match-up them. To complete the level, player has to meet three conditions: push the cylinder bottom to rotate it, twist rings and slide balls! Change the location of empty cells tactically and use them to arrange balls. Every column must contain balls of just one color. Number of balls in every column must equal.

Twistrix is one of those games that deliver good warm remembrances of childhood to the modern technologies.
Twistrix is available worldwide on App Store in Games section for $0.99:

Check out the game on iTunes now!

About the Developers
Avallon Alliance Ltd. ( is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPod Touch games. Founded in 2008, company has already grown to become the leading publisher in Eastern Europe. It became possible due to many facts: focus exclusively on iPhone market, firmness of purpose, highly-qualified stuff and unique methods of promotion. Debut product, created by Avallon Alliance – quest The Stone of Destiny became the first in the world hidden object game for platform iPhone/iPod Touch. Company is known for building its own successful projects (Napsters, Mezopuzzle, Car Troller) and effective collaboration with the best creators of casual games in the world (JoyBits, Voodoo Dimention, URSE Games, etc.).


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