Announcing Igloo Games Arcade for iPad and one-day only super sale!

2 Apr


Igloo Games is proud to announce ALL of their games are coming to the iPad…. in one slick package. Dizzy Bee, Dizzy Bee 2, Bed Bugs and Flippin’ are all there in the new application “Igloo Games Arcade”.
All the games have had the graphics pumped up to run on the iPad’s delicious screen, and let me tell you…  everything looks gorgeous!



The gameplay is just great too.  I can’t wait for you to get your hands on an iPad with Dizzy Bee installed and feel the difference. Popping bugs is just more fun with bigger splats!  Flippin’ has wonderful big tiles, so flipping and sliding is a dream. Igloo Games wanted their customers to share our games, so they built a really cool feature called Dual User Mode.  It allows two players to play any  Igloo Games game simultaneously.  You play Bed Bugs and I play Flippin’.  Your friend comes over and wants to try the iPad out, but you’re not ready to give it up… you can share half the screen.  You just turn the iPad sideways and sit across from each other like you’re playing chess.  It works on the sofa, on a table, in a car (not while driving please) or even on the floor.


Each side can play games and switch games completely independently of the other. We’ve added a couple of great features to Dizzy Bee and Dizzy Bee 2.  One is new ‘Touch Controls’.  Just touch anywhere on the screen and slide and HOLD to affect gravity.  With this feature, 2 players can play Dizzy Bee in Dual User Mode, too.  Many people have said that Dizzy Bee is just too hard, so we’ve created easy levels for Dizzy Bee 2.  If that’s still too hard we’ve got a treat for you: Kids Mode.  Take all the levels and get rid of all the enemies and you’ve got Kids Mode.  Even little kids can play this for hours.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Kids Mode is a great way for anyone to get more comfortable with the controls and the puzzles of Dizzy Bee.


Igloo Games also got some games lined up that let you share the screen and play the same game together.  Version 1.0 gets Flippin’ in VS mode.  If you haven’t played 2 Player Flippin’ then you’re really missing out.  More shared screen games are planned.  For example, Dizzy Bee Co-operative mode has been completed (it’s going to be a free update and should be out before you know it).  In this mode one player controls Dizzy Bee and the fruits, while another player controls the enemies and everything else.

Igloo Games also taken the profile system from Dizzy Bee and refined it and expanded it.  You can now have as many profiles as you want on your iPad.  Just hit new profile, give it a name and you’re ready to play.  When you want to switch players it’s just 2 taps to get a new user signed in.  And of course it works in Dual User Mode, so you can each keep making progress on your own saved game.

It really is a great package and the developers themselves are really proud of what they have made.  Just the iPhone versions alone cost $11 when purchased separately, but this is so much more than just 4 iPhone games packaged together.  While most developers are charging 3-5x as much for their HD game versions Igloo Games is charging for HD versions of all our games combined, Dual User Mode, new features and 2 Player mode, an unbelievably low $6.99.
But wait there’s more… With this first update (not 1.0, but a free update that will be out in a week or 2) we’ll have a Universal binary which will let you run all four games, kids mode and touch controls and the new profile system for saved games.  Also with the update there will be a bonus iPad Dizzy Bee 2 level that has never before seen before.  Imagine taking the iPhone version and not scaling it up, but just expanding it to be roughly 9 times the size of a regular Dizzy Bee level, full of fruits and bumpers and gears and spitter guys.

It’s going be really cool.
One last thing.  Igloo Games really want to blow the doors off of this thing and want everybody to play this game on their iPad, so to get things started and to thank the gamers out there for supporting Igloo Games, they are having a 1 day sale.  It’s a pre-launch sale.  You can buy it now through iTunes for a ridiculously low 99 cents.  Friday April 2nd starting now, going until midnight.  Tell your friends!  It doesn’t get any better than this.  As a mater of fact use the new iTunes feature and gift this game to your friends.  They’ll thank you for it!  That price again is only for today, and it’s only 99 cents.

Check out this game for 99 cents only on 3rd April 2010.


One Response to “Announcing Igloo Games Arcade for iPad and one-day only super sale!”

  1. iphonetech78 April 3, 2010 at 9:02 am #

    the price is changed to $6.99. This early morning I bought this game at 99 cents which is a good buy. Hope the developer changes it back to 99 cents.

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