Dribbles is released on iTunes for iPad

2 Apr


The Dribbles are on the move! They aren’t too sure why, but they want to reach that other pipe down there. Best handle with care, Dribbles can get quite explosive…


Dribbles are cute and fuzzy, and like all cute and fuzzy game critters, they demand you help them reach their goal. Why do they want to cross over to that pipe down there? Well, we haven’t quite figured out why, maybe that’s a better question for a chicken? To direct their path, just tap and drag out Bouncers to, well, bounce the Dribbles as you see fit. An excited Dribble is a happy Dribble, so the more bounces you make before sending them to their mysterious goal, the more points they’ll award you with. But beware of the walls, Dribbles go BOOM quite easily, and make even bigger explosions as they bounce around more. But maybe that’s useful…?

Game Features:
– Casual mode lets you pause the action to place Bouncers at your leisure
– Challenge mode forces you to play in realtime – place your Bouncers before you lose too many Dribbles!
– Double tap a Bouncer to delete it.
– Multiple Bouncer shapes to fit your playing style.
– Procedural level generator featuring 32000 levels
– Sacrifice Dribbles to blow chunks out of the levels
-High Score per level
– OpenFeint support to be added as soon as OpenFeint is available for IPad.

Check out Dribbles on iTunes for $1.99.


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