Shakespeare Pro for iPad released on iTunes

2 Apr


Shakespeare Pro for iPad has also been redesigned completely by Readdle in order to give book readers maximum usage and satisfaction.

Shakespeare Pro includes all the features of the free Shakespeare app; the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets and 6 poems, including doubtful works) and a concordance search to find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for.

There are a few notable great new features:



  • Enhanced text reading – Choose from a variety of color combination, change font family or size, display long or short character names, and toggle line numbers. (NOTE: Line numbers are NOT the same between different editions of Shakespeare’s plays, though they are relatively close. The Riverside, Arden, Folgers, Shakespeare Pro and other editions all have slightly different line numbering due to the way the texts have been edited.)
  • Scene Breakdowns – Get an overview of the scenes within a play, their locations, and the characters present in each.
  • Tales from Shakespeare – A series of 20 short versions of Shakespeare’s plays aimed at a younger audience.
  • Bookmarks – In addition to remembering the last page you view for each play, you can save an unlimited number of bookmarks to locate that exact line you’re looking for.
  • Glossary – The most powerful new feature of Shakespeare Pro is a searchable glossary based on the bestselling lexicon by David & Ben Crystal, Shakespeare’s Words. You can also activate the inline glossary to see all the glossary entries while reading the text. Simply tap on a word to see its meaning. (NOTE: The glossary is contextually sensitive, which means it gives you the meaning of the word in its specific context, not just a general definition. Scroll the pop-up window to see all the definitions.)
  • Random Quotes – There are many memorable quotes in Shakespeare’s works. Simply shake your device for a random quote.
  • Portrait Gallery – Browse a gallery of famous Shakespeare portraits.
  • Facts and Scansion – Read up on Shakespeare’s life, data on his works, and and overview of scansion terminology.
  • Additional new features include copy/paste functionality, scene navigation, and an auto-scroll function. The auto-scroll automatically scrolls the text as you read and you control the speed by tilting your device‚ or even turn your device into a mini-teleprompter.

All this is just the beginning of the new Shakespeare Pro app. Readdle is excited to bring these amazing new features to you and many more in the future.

Check out Shakespeare Pro for iPad on iTunes now.


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