Com2uS’s iPad release of Ocean Blue, Homerun Battle 3D, Heavy Gunner 3D gives gamers more than what they wish for.

5 Apr



Com2uS, a leading developer of iPhone games, has now delved into the world of Apple’s iPad with their newest aquatic application, Ocean Blue. Com2uS has become well-known in the iPhone market for their addictive games; but Ocean Blue takes a different approach to the new iPad as an educational photo-realistic simulation of an ocean ecosystem. The application acts as a window to a deep blue ocean from exotic locations such as the Red Sea or a deep Blue Hole. The application places you in environments of immeasurable depths and vivid marine life. Ocean Blue contains 6 customizable species of marine life and there are plans to release more fishes with subsequent updates.


Ocean Simulation: A luxurious underwater view of the ocean on your iPad

.• Stunning 3D Graphics: Each marine animal is finely modeled in 3D to replicate the shape and movement of real marine creatures.

.• Customizable Dives: Add or remove fishes from your environment to match your daily mood.


The iPad’s release has broadened the spectrum of applications with a 9.7 inch LCD screen and more powerful graphics hardware from the iPhone. Applications that were deemed as not user-friendly due to a cluttered screen of the iPhone can now be enjoyed with vivid colors and a more peripheral view with the iPad. Ocean Blue takes advantage of these hardware features by adding real-time lighting, collision detection, and animation to better simulate a real ocean. The user can zoom in on each fish to view the animal in higher detail using the accelerometer to look around the virtual ocean. With each fish comes a description of the animal’s habitat and life patterns.



Com2uS has also taken strives to grasp the elusive ubiquitous computing by adding Bluetooth capabilities within the app. Using Bluetooth, users are allowed to increase the scope of view by placing two iPads side by side to double the viewing space and allow a seamless integration between iPads. Com2uS is also planning to release a lighter version of Ocean Blue on the iPhone which will allow you to place a fish from your iPad to your iPhone and take them with you on the smaller device. Users will also be able to share fish with other iPads or iPhones via Bluetooth or WiFi in a future update.


image image image

image image

Free range of motion: Interact with the environment by tapping, pinching, or tilting the iPad.

Multiple marine life: Six highly detailed marine life and two gorgeously rendered dive locations.

Educational: Tap on any fish to get a close up view of the animal then tilt to get a desired angle and tap the camera button to take a snapshot of the fish along with some interesting facts.

Check out Ocean Blue on iTunes now!

For fans of Com2uS’ games, don’t be despaired, the company has released some of their hit games from the iPhone onto the iPad. With higher a larger screen size, Homerun Battle 3D and Heavy Gunner 3D will be amongst the many games that Com2uS plans to buff up and release on the iPad.


About Com2uS

Com2uS USA is a subsidiary of Com2us Corporation, the leading mobile game company in Korea. Com2uS Corp. is known for creating fun and engaging mobile games including HOMERUN BATTLE 3D, the winner of iPhone Best Sports Game 2009 by IGN and TouchArcade. Com2uS games are available in various smart phone platforms. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @Com2us


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  1. jooaya's me2DAY - April 12, 2010

    배학생의 생각…

    Ocean Blue, 아직 몇개 안되는 한국발 iPad 어플 중 하나. 앞으로를 더 지켜봐 주세요~…

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