Zarik – glory of the pure mind… Available on App Store now.

13 Apr


Zarik, presented on App Store by Avallon Alliance, is a funny logical board game for those, who like to puzzle over some tricky stuff. Zarik is the debut iPhone/iPod touch title of the developer Shahban Suleymanov.




Zarik has 50 levels, ranged by complexity from the easy to near possible to solve.  Its main advantages are clear uncluttered interface and amusing strategic gameplay. You have a wooden board and several dice you have to move to outlined zones. Step-by-step guidelines make the game so easy to pick up and funny to play.


  • The number on the die represents the number of moves it can make.
  • Touch and drag the die in the direction you want it to move. Move each die to an outlined zone with no moves remaining.
  • Touch screen with two fingers to enter the prediction mode.
  • Some places are stack, so you cannot go there…

Zarik has been launched to Boards and Puzzle sections of Apple App Store and is priced just for $0.99.
Fans of brain-teasers can also play Twistrix and Crazy Checkers.

Check out Zarik on iTunes for $0.99!


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