Fast & Furious Adrenaline to be released on the App Store Thursday 22nd April

21 Apr




Dominate the underground street racing scene and defend your turf with over 35 stunning cars and over 5 iconic locations. Extend the challenge with leaderboard multiplayer challenges and showcase your best drives with Facebook Video upload !!




Key Selling Points

  • 4 locations  (Downtown, suburbs, beach front & Industrial)
  • 12 tracks
  • 5 race types (Road Race, Cop Chase, Time Trial, Boss Battle & Drag Race)
  • 35 different cars (Based on the 8 base models)
  • Car handling (includes: drifting, jumping, collisions)
  • Brand new night tracks
  • Turf Wars is a mode where player  is dropped into a vibrant, “persistent” street racing scene. Initially, player is asked to join a crew, and then conquer territories by winning races as well as defending existing turf when attacked.
  • Use Kudos scoring to increase your rank
  • “Rank Up” to unlock new content including: cars, mods (perks), garages
  • Boost your car stats by choosing a combination of “mods” and applying them in 3 modification slots
  • Upload your racing videos on Facebook !
  • Collisionable objects on the track

Key iPhone features:

  • Single Player & Multiplayer (WiFi and Bluetooth)
  • Connected Turf Wars with online Facebook leaderboard
  • 3 types of controls: Classic left/right, Touchscreen steering wheel, accelerometer
  • iPod Library support
  • Video Upload on Facebook: download your best races and post them onto your wall

Check out the game on iTunes now!


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