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25 copies of saving private sheep to be given away!

30 May

IMG_0976 IMG_1010

I have got 25 copies of this physics game which cost $0.99 that has 80 levels!

All you have to do is to read the review and spot what features of the game can be further improved. You can also add in what you will like the developer to add for future updates of the game.

If you run out of suggestions, the other way you can win this game is by reviewing the game on iTunes. Add your iTunes ID here in the thread so that I can check for your iTunes review after the code is given.

Priority will be given to the people who has given feedback for this game.

Your entry will qualify you for a chance to win one promo code of this app to use it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

As usual, only the best entries win! Before you participate in the contest, please read the rules and regulations that you can’t trade the promo code away. The contest is for people who really wants to play the game and my site does not welcome promo code traders.


Chillingo Announces the Launch of ‘Assault Squadron’ and ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ on iTunes App Store

29 May

Assault Squadron – $2.99

The Global Defense Force (GDF) reports that Earth is under attack by a hostile, unidentified vessel containing thousands of enemy craft. Striking with unwavering precision, the invasion destroys key defensive facilities to leave Earth and its inhabitants at the mercy of fearsome alien attackers.


You are a part of the Assault Squadron, an elite tactical space combat force dispatched by the Federal Alliance to defeat the alien enemy. Assault Squadron’s explosive sci-fi missions and in-depth storyline will thrill shoot-‘em-up fans and casual players as they battle to save the Earth.



Game Features:

  • Four Unique Playable Ships: Each ship has its own stats and unique abilities with fully upgradable weapon systems.
  • Stunning Firepower: Earn upgrades for an arsenal of devastating weaponry ranging from Vulcan Cannons and Spiral Grenades to Torpedo Missiles and Tri-Vortex Bombs.
  • Extraordinary Boss Fights: Unique enemy bosses present a unique, intense challenge accompanied by thrilling cinematic cut scenes.Special Abilities and Explosive Combos: Discover special abilities to unleash devastating chain combo attacks and achieve leading high-scores.
  • Jaw-Dropping Presentation: Experience shoot-‘em-up gameplay the way it’s meant to be played, with a custom-built graphics engine enabling seamless 60 frames-per-second action. Experience the action from all angles via intense top-down and side-scrolling levels.
  • Gameplay Modes: Battle armadas of unique alien invaders in the story-based Campaign Mode, or dive into Arcade Mode and start fighting straight away!
  • Four Different Control Types: Weave through enemies and attack with meticulous precision via one of four control methods including Touch 1:1, Touch 2.5:1, Tilt Control, and Virtual Joystick.
  • Three Difficulty Settings: Different levels of difficulty ensure this game is an appealing challenge to players of any combat capability – from Casual through to the most extreme shoot-‘em-up experience!
  • Vibration Support: Feel every hit and enjoy every explosion via the vibration function as you are fully immersed in battle.
  • Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements: Players can see how they compare to other fearless commanders around the world via a comprehensive scoring system, online leaderboards and achievements through Crystal!
  • Licensed soundtrack: By psychedelic trance music artist, Psygone

Check out Assault Squadron on iTunes now!


Pirate’s Treasure – $1.99 <– Introductory Price!





Ahoy mateys! As beautiful as Treasure Island is, you wouldn’t want to vacation there. It’s packed with all kinds of murderuous scallywags including the Grim Reaper himself! Combining elements of RPG, exploration and all-out blasting mayhem, Pirate’s Treasure takes you on an enjoyable quest to recover riches from creatures both natural and magical. Prepare to battle boss enemies that are too massive to fit on the screen!




Game Features:

  • Amazing 3D graphics squeeze everything out of ye device.
  • Endless replayability in campaign and challenge modes.
  • Balanced gameplay with easy, normal and hero modes.
  • The perfect mixture of survival and RPG gaming.
  • Find gold or win it on the slot machine to upgrade ye character!
  • With the Campaign Mode boasting over six hours of gameplay across it’s non-linear, story-driven adventure, Pirate’s Treasure bounty never runs out (unlike your bottle of rum)!
  • 9 eye-patch-melting graphic themes
  • More than 50 levels with exotic locations and enemies (true sea dogs will find more)
  • Full Crystal social gaming integration with online scores and achievements
  • More gold than ye can find anywhere else!


Check out Pirate’s Treasure on iTunes now for $1.99.

Saving Private Sheep Game Review

26 May



If you have played Topple 1 and 2, this game is no stranger to you. The main objective of this game is to make the private ranked sheep fall to the ground. If it topples to the left or right side, it will fall to the mercy of the wolves waiting for him.



The story of the game starts with the shepherds leaving the sheep for war and the sheep have to find their own food amidst the hordes of wolves surrounding them. Only one brave sheep offered to stand out to dispatch the food to the sheep in distress. Your mission is to make sure he lands on the ground safely.




The game also lets you reverse each move using the top right button just besides the pause button. This is to help you reverse one move if you made the wrong move. You can also pause the game if you are in the middle of talking to someone on the iPhone or doing some work. The number of medals which you won are in the middle of the game screen.

On the top left corner of the game screen, there is a timer ticking down. This is to let you know how much time you had left in the game. After the sheep lands safely, it will salute you for saving him from the wolves.


The game also shows the number of medals which you accumulate when playing the game at each level. This game has 80 levels which will guarantee you endless fun on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


When you advance to the next level, the game will show you a map where all the drop-off points for the designated sheep. You will feel energized after progressing one level up in the map.





There are other game elements which makes this game extremely fun to play. There are stages where you need to make sure the wolf (disguised as a sheep) do not land safely on the ground. The ice blocks found in the middle of the boxes will break if something falls on it too quickly.

There are also explosives which will explode if you touch it with your finger or something falls on it very hard. You cannot click and destroy metal crates in the game. All these elements make the game on a different level compared to Topple 1 and 2.

You cannot cheat in this game using the iPhone accelerometer to tilt and want the sheep block to move in the other direction though. Grab this game if you are a Topple physics hardcore gamer.

Graphics: 3.5 /5
Sound/Music: 4/5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 4.5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall 4.5 / 5

Check out Saving Private Sheep on iTunes for 99 cents!

Rimelands- a turn-based RPG Game coming to Apple iTunes App Store

26 May

Developed by Dicework Games in collaboration with Crescent Moon Games, Rimelands is a series of turn-based role-playing games for the iPhone. The first game of the series is the Hammer of Thor, an adventure of myth and legend in a world that has just recently began to recover from a thousand-year winter. You play as a young treasure hunter exploring abandoned vaults to appease her grandmother’s seemingly endless appetite for riches, while struggling to find more about her dead parents and shrouded past.

Game Features:

  • Simple yet deep mechanics
  • Three character paths, Barbarian, Assassin and Shaman
  • Dozens of talents to customize your character with
  • Both random-generated and pre-designed levels
  • Use blueprints to build new items

As the game is a role-playing game, all the usual trappings such as experience, levels, quests and multitudes of items are naturally present. Look out for this game in the iTunes App Store soon.

FDG announces Physics Gamebox for iPhone and iPod Touch

18 May


FDG Entertainment is happy to announce “Physics Gamebox” a great physics based game collection for iPhone and iPod touch owners. With a single download, players will get “Roly-Poly Cannon” and “Ragdoll Cannon”; 2 hit-games with millions of fans from Flash Websites. Both games add to an insane number of 300 levels! “Physics Gamebox” is created by the team around “Johnny-K” an online legend and original inventor of the first ever released “Ragdoll Cannon” game which has seen many copycat versions including a very popular one on iPhone.



“Physics Gamebox” releases in June 2010 for iPhone and iPod touch, $2.99
“Physics Gamebox HD” releases in July 2010 for iPad, price, $6.99

Game 1: Roly Poly Cannon Levels: 100 Beautiful physics destruction game. Tap the screen to fire away bombs from a huge cannon! Carefully shoot and target to eliminate the evil Roly-Polys. Don´t hit the peaceful folk, otherwise it´s “Game Over”. This game alone already delivers hours of fun with awesome graphics, exciting chain reactions and intuitive tap controls.


Game 2: Ragdoll Cannon Levels: 200 Give your ragdolls a last hug when you shoot them through tricky levels to hit the ultimate target spot. Show no mercy when you fire them against walls, stones and other obstacles to reach your ultimate goal. Ragdoll Cannon is an original invention from “Johnny-K” which has seen many copycat versions on all kinds of platforms. It´s time to play the core classic which started it all.





About FDG Entertainment:
FDG Entertainment is a leading developer and publisher of highly creative download games for major platforms including the iPhone and casual game consoles and rated as #34 TOP Developer / Publisher for iPhone at The company has been founded back in 2001 and is located in Munich, Germany. FDG Entertainment produced more than 40 critically acclaimed games. One of the most successful titles is Parachute Panic HD for the iPhone and iPad, having surpassed 4 million downloads.

About “Johnny-K” productions:
Founded back in 2008 by Eugeniy Kuzmin in Russia, the development team quickly became very popular with several Flash hit-game releases like “Roly-Poly Cannon”, “Ragdoll Cannon”, “Roly-Poly Eliminator” and the “Cover Orange” series. These games have already been played more than 250 million times. Future plans of the company include releases for other platforms like game consoles and iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

White Birds Productions and Bulkypix Announce That Babel Rising Surpassed 1 Million Downloads and keeps going

17 May


Highly Popular Tower Defense Game Featuring God Coming to iPad Soon, Joining The Ranks of Popular Titles, including Saving Private Sheep

France – April 27, 2010 – White Birds Productions and Bulkypix today announced that Babel Rising, its award-winning tower defense puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch, has sold more than 1 million units worldwide.


Babel Rising is a tower-defense game with a twist. The tower in this case is the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11:1-9, and you play God trying to keep the builders from completing the tower for as long as possible.


You accumulate points for killing humans with your various divine powers and for slowing the builders down. Your powers include the finger of God (invoked by touching humans), lighting bolts (swipe down with one finger), mighty wind (swipe across with one finger), a tidal wave (swipe across with two fingers), fireballs from heaven (swipe down with two fingers, and earthquake (shake the iPhone).



Each power takes time to recharge, and depending on the destructiveness of the power, recharging time ranges from quick (finger of God, lightning) to slow (wind, tidal wave) to very slow (fire balls, earthquake). That means the stronger destructive powers can only be used occasionally. It should be noted that none of these divine powers do any damage to the tower itself, only to the humans. However, occasionally, God’s divine eye grows large and blinks. If you touch the eye at the critical moment, you can utterly destroy one level (but only one) of the tower.


“Bulkypix steps above other publishers by truly working hard to bring their games to market,” said Michel Bams of White Birds Productions. “No other company has managed to repeatedly raise previously unknown titles to the top of the App Store charts, making them into leading game brands as they have done with Babel Rising.”

“As soon as anyone plays Babel Rising, they are happy and addicted,” promised Bulkypix COO and Head of Marketing, Vincent Dondaine. “The game has universal appeal. After all, who would want to pass up playing God?”

Anyone who wants to dive into this hugely addictive game can get the full version for just $0.99 on the App Store now.

About White Birds Productions:


Created in 2003, White Birds Productions is a video games studio based in Paris, France. Specialized in creating games with strong narrative aspects and famous for their graphic realizations, the studio has done more than 15 titles on the main video game platforms. On the iPhone, White Birds has got an ambitious editorial politic and wants to offer original and innovative contains in addition to adapt their most famous adventure games.

About Bulkypix:


Bulkypix is an award winning publisher and developer of games and applications for iPhone and iPod Touch. The company was set up by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. Bulkypix’s ambition is to create innovative games, such as Hysteria Project (won the French “Revelation 2009 Milthon Award,  My Brute based on the famous PC Brand, BaDaBoo a simple and addictive casual games downloaded more than 650 000 times or Daily Quizz with 5 questions per day to learn and entertain you every day.
Bulkypix also develops and releases applications (cultural, commercial, and advertising). Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any projects you want to be published on the Appstore.

BulkyPix’s Undead: The Last Refuge – Another Zombie shooter coming to iTunes soon.

17 May


Undead: The Last Refuge is a single player zombie shooter similar to Call of Duty: World at War Zombies.


In the Undead: The Last Refuge you’re barricaded in a house with zombies prying at the windows to get in, and you earn bucks by killing them.



Three weapons are available to you as you progress through the house: a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun.


As you open different rooms, you gain access to new guns. As you open more of the house however, you are left more vulnerable to new avenues of zombie attacks.





If you take more than two hits in the row, and you’ll go down. With OpenFeint you can keep track your survival skills and compare your scores with others engaged in the game.

Maybe you can indulge in a zombie killing fest near to the end of this month. Word is out that this game will be submitted to Apple within a few days’ time.