BulkyPix’s Undead: The Last Refuge – Another Zombie shooter coming to iTunes soon.

17 May


Undead: The Last Refuge is a single player zombie shooter similar to Call of Duty: World at War Zombies.


In the Undead: The Last Refuge you’re barricaded in a house with zombies prying at the windows to get in, and you earn bucks by killing them.



Three weapons are available to you as you progress through the house: a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun.


As you open different rooms, you gain access to new guns. As you open more of the house however, you are left more vulnerable to new avenues of zombie attacks.





If you take more than two hits in the row, and you’ll go down. With OpenFeint you can keep track your survival skills and compare your scores with others engaged in the game.

Maybe you can indulge in a zombie killing fest near to the end of this month. Word is out that this game will be submitted to Apple within a few days’ time.

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