Snowy’s Christmas Pinball Gets an Exciting New Look on iPhone and iPod Touch

2 Jun


Avid Matmi fans will no doubt remember our festive pinball offering “Snowy’s Christmas Pinball”, but summer almost upon us, so you’d be forgiven for not feeling especially Christmas-y. Have no fear though, because some places stay cool all year road, like the frozen reaches of Canada, where the winter ice gets so thick, you can drive a truck across it.


And that’s the inspiration for Snowy’s brand new look and new game, Ice Road Pinball. It’s the same great game, with all new graphics and sound, and best of all, if you’ve already bought Snowy’s, then all you need to do is update it, and voila! You’ve got Ice Road Pinball too: two awesome looks, and one low price.



You can grab Ice Road Truckers here, or just update Snowy’s from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Ice Road Pinball Features

  • Three fun-packed, interconnected tables form a thrilling pinball tower with varied and unique goals at every turn.
  • Two amazing looks, each with amazing graphics and animations, and unique sound effects in stereo.
  • Designed specifically for the iPhone and iTouch with accelerometer tilt function, realistic physics engine, and super-smooth gameplay.
  • Save and Resume feature if you need to take a break.
  • Local and Online scoreboards, and Facebook Connect so you can challenge your friends.

Check out Ice Road Pinball on iTunes for $2.99!


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