Over 2 000 000 gamers discovered their world with Doodle God™

1 Jul

Doodle God™ - 805x300


During the last two weeks over 2’000’000 players tried to be a God! 
Currently Doodle God™ is #1 GAME in Board/Puzzle Paid categories in 9 countries and growing. Right now in TOP-25 Paid Apps – US, UK, Canada, Russia…!

#1 in Paid Apps – Russia, New Zealand…

Doodle God™ - screenshot #0 [320x480]

Doodle God™ - screenshot #2 [320x480]

To celebrate that we are making our games FREE for limited time:
Ghost Bastards AR – http://www.avaloid.com/ghost-bastards-ar/appstore/
Car Troller – http://www.avaloid.com/car-troller/appstore/
Mezopuzzle – http://www.avaloid.com/mezopuzzle/appstore/
Crazy Checkers – http://www.avaloid.com/crazy-checkers/appstore/
Zarik – http://www.avaloid.com/zarik/appstore/
Twistrix – http://www.avaloid.com/twistrix/appstore/

Doodle God™ - screenshot #1 [320x480]

JoyBits Team will definitely keep the updates coming! There are already at least TEN episodes in their project roadmap, that include more addictive game modes and mechanics like ‘quest’ and ‘theme-packs’ as well as implemented smart tips from players (tons of new reactions, Twitter support, updated Hint system, iPad version etc).

Doodle God™ - screenshot #3 [320x480]

Doodle God™ - screenshot #4 [320x480]

Episode #2 (v1.1), features of the first add-on:
• Full packs of new amazing reactions to discover!
• 15th category for a longer game play;
• Dozens of Easter eggs as a new combinations of old elements;
• New hint type, in addition to the classic;
• Integration with Facebook. Share your wisdom with fellow Doodle Gods!

All these great improvements already generate 187 FIVE-STAR (!) user reviews per one day:

“Started playing with the intention of giving it 5-10 minutes before bed on Monday night. Wound up going to bed 2 hours later!” (by Quorlan)

“I played this game like for 8 hours and didn’t get bored , its aweome . can’t wait for the other ones !!” (by nicktraceur)

“Nice and unique graphics/artwork – the best doodle artwork. Awesome animations, nice story(intro), great background and game sounds.” (by niezam)

Finally, what world press says about Doodle God™:
“Wonderfully unique concept. Deeply satisfying every time you discover a new element.” – GameZebo.com

“Using your imagination crazier results occur as you get deeper into the game.” – Appmodo.com

“The animations are smooth and exciting and the storyline is fresh. Overall, a pretty addictive game and hard to put down.” – AppsSearch.com

“The graphics style and presentation are well done, and everything is exactly how it should be for an iphone, intuitive, engaging, and fun.” – AustralianGames.com

About 2 million reviews from the headline was calculated from both iPhone, iPod and Flash versions.

Check out Doodle God on iTunes now for 99 cents!

Additional Links:
Doodle God™ – http://www.avaloid.com/doodle-god
Flash version of Doodle God™ – http://www.avaloid.com/doodle-god/flash
Purchase and download – http://www.avaloid.com/doodle-god/appstore


About the Developers

JoyBits, Ltd. is the pioneer in game development on Russian’s mobile market and a successful PC-casual developer. Founded in 2002, Saint-Petersburg, the company has released over 40 mobile apps, including first Russian branded mobile games (FC Zenit, DIXIS), and award-winning Silent Storm Mobile (Nival Int), Disciples Mobile (Glu Mobile), as well as dozen ports of casual games (Snowy Puzzle Island, AirStrike, Birds on a Wire). As one of the leading mobile content aggregator, JoyBits, owns IP rights for 800 J2ME midlets for CIS region. Casual division of JoyBits creates #1 TOP brands from 2007 like “Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus” and “Cassandra’s Journey: The Fifth Sun”. Copyright (C) 2008-2010 JoyBits, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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