Love Battle Princess Debuts on iTunes App Store

14 Aug

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Tired of playing clones? Love Battle Princess is a fast paced arcade game, featuring a fresh, simple and unique gameplay concept. It doesn’t play like anything you’ve seen before. It is accessible to all, yet challenging and sophisticated at high level for hardcore gamers.



Team up with one of our four sexy princesses from the Love United Front and catch as many flowers as you can while destroying the agents sent by the evil Skull Agency. It’s that simple! But over time you’ll discover many advanced techniques, exciting power ups and unique character abilities.  Plus the beautiful ladies and colorful flowers are great for anyone looking for an alternative to gore and zombies.



image image

You’ve never played anything like it and you’ll come back for more! Time to fight evil with love!

Even before it was on the Appstore, Slide To Play praised Love Battle Princess:

“Other interesting game mechanics, like boss skulls that you have to destroy, power-ups to pick up, and the way you have to prevent any floating flowers from reaching the bottom of the screen mean there’s a lot more going on than just the sexy background models.”

“…it’s shaping up to be a surprisingly deep puzzle game with an attractive aesthetic.”

Main Game Features:

• Discover a unique and fun gameplay concept!

• Team up with your favorite princess, each with her own unique powers!

• Become a pro player and unlock exclusive wallpapers!

• Beat the clock in 43 challenges and collect all the gold crowns!

• Play for hours the addictive Survival Mode!

• Rule online leader boards and win dozens of achievements in OpenFeint!

• In a hurry? Save your game and resume it any time!

• Smooth 60 fps animation on all iPod Touch and iPhone generations!

• No zombies but colorful flowers and beautiful girls!

Check out Love Battle Princess on iTunes now for $1.99.


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