Crescent Moon and Diceworks submitted Rimelands to Apple for approval last weekend

17 Aug


Rimelands has been submitted to Apple last weekend and should be hitting the iPhone shortly. I’m a huge RPG fan, so this one is right up my ally. From the game description:

Enter the frostbitten realm of Rimelands, where mankind with fantastic technology powered by an enigmatic substance called Steam is forever at odds with the magical creatures of legend called the Fair Folk.


Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is an epic adventure full of mystery, intrigue and high adventure. Join Rose Cristo, a young and beautiful treasure hunter on her journey to unveil the plot that could tear the world apart. With both magic and Steam-techonology at her disposal, she’ll have to overcome threats both human and supernatural.


Rimelands has the best parts of roleplaying games combined with intriguing story and puzzles to create a varied experience free of endless grinding.


“I freely admit that Rimelands is not a style of game I would normally be interested in, but within just 30 minutes or so, I was already getting hooked on seeing the next area and building up my abilities.” – All About The Games

“Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is certainly shaping up to be a game that RPG fans will be spending many hours playing through.” – Pocket Gamer

The game features:

* Full-fledged RPG designed specifically for iPhone and iPod

* Simple but powerful game mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master

* Design for easy pick up and play with automatic saving

* A story of high adventure that’s a world apart from traditional fantasy cliché

* Three paths and talent trees provide countless customization options and depth for several play-through.


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