My Little Restaurant – Time Management Game by QubicGames released on iTunes

17 Aug


My Little Restaurant is the new place to visit on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Get in here and turn this place around, from a small diner to a crowded eating palace.


Run a restaurant – seat your guests, collect orders, deliver meals and earn money. Every once in a while jump into kitchen and prepare some tastylicious burgers or perfect sushi.


Touching, tapping and sliding fun, all with one finger and all for the whole family. Thirty-three unique levels, extra game features, power-ups and a love story to follow. You won’t find a better deal at any other place.
*** Hours of cook and serve fun for a price of a simple burger. ***


Game Features:
* Four Restaurant Themes: American Diner, Japanese Bar, Ancient Palace and Space Lunchroom
* Two extra cooking games: ’Burgers for the Coach’ and ’Sushi Master Challenge’
* Thirty-three unique levels
* Extra features and power-ups
* Up to 50 guests at a time
’My Little Restaurant – the yummiest feast for iPhone ever!’ – Gordon Clumsy, Real Restaurant Chef

Check out the game on iTunes for $2.99!

There is also a lite version of the game to try out!


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