Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang from FunTribe

24 Aug

Fun Tribe Inc. announces a puzzle game, “Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang”, for iPhone
Fun Tribe is going to release its first iPhone game app, “Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang”, on App Store soon. It is based on an original action puzzle game developed by an award winning Japanese indie game developer, Tatsuya Koyama. “Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang” is a co-production between Fun Tribe and the renowned Korean developer Croquis.


Unlike understanding the concept of yin yang philosophy, playing “Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang” is very easy. This game is suitable for those who want to stimulate brain nerves with fun in a short period of time.

About “Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang”
A destined couple, Mr. Yin and Ms. Yang, got lost on their way to the wedding. They were dragged into two parallel universes and are now being trapped in a dark world and a bright world, respectively. Both of their worlds are deeply interrelated just as the concept of yin yang philosophy tells us.

They need to find the exit that can lead them to the same universe. Your mission is to lead them to the same exit in each level. Can you help them out to come back to the real world so that they can get married? There are fifty exits waiting for you!

50 well designed levels, more levels may be added later on
Retro style graphics
Unique puzzle system
Simple control
Expected release date: August, 2010
Expected price: $0.99

Mr. Yin & Ms. Yang preview video [YOUTUBE]:

About Fun Tribe Inc.
Fun Tribe (FT), located in Tokyo, was founded by mobile entertainment industry veterans in 2008. Its mission is to deliver the fun games to the global audience from the once-kingdom-of-game. There are too many hidden gems behind the famous console games in Japan. For example, FT introduced Across Age, an original IP by Exe Create, to FDG Entertainment in 2009.

About Tatsuya Koyama
Tatsuya Koyama is a renowned indie game developer who started developing game at the age of nine. His vertical shooter, GENETOS, gained Honorable Mention Award at Tokyo Game Show 2009. His games are available at his web site, 俺式(My Style).
Tatsuya’s web site
Japan Game Awards 2009

About Croquis Co., Ltd.
Croquis, a Korean console and mobile game development company, was founded in 2006. It has released Castle Fantasy and Finger VS. Finger for iPhone/iPod Touch.
Web site:


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